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Spanish crowd
alex24 doesn't even have a dutch flag dumbfuck
Probably shitload of pro's and semi-pro's cheat. Valve won't do shit, because it would kill the game. Journalist probably don't want to write about it, because their articles could kill the game aswel...
TWC Crowd
not sure if bait
I just think its fucking naive to think that pro's dont cheat when there is so much money on the line. Whou would've thought that Armstrong cheated? Not too many people and yet he did it.
1 reason? There is literally THOUSANDS of dollars to earn. Fnatic made over 500k in 2015 in prizemoney already. Stop being so fucking naive.
Most hated team
This post has been brought to you by user <3fnatic<3
Players aren't rich ^ This includes only prizemoney, not salary or twitch money
Players aren't rich
Then you cant play with razer! Many pro's have to use something which they don't really like. U see lots of pro's with Steelseries headsets, but they are not the best headsets on the market. If they...
Players aren't rich
Sponsors pay organisations so that the players from the organisation are showing their brand. For instance Steelseries pays Na'Vi organisation so that players of Na'Vi will use and advertise Steelseri...
Players aren't rich
He got over $100k earned in prizemoney this year. Let's say he got $40k left after taxes/org cut (this number isnt based on anything though). He got this within 8 months. He still gets twitch + salary...
Vac bind ?
ANG3L wtf man
its part of the game, get into your opponents head you know
He is not trying to be like Thorin. Back when he covered CS Source he was like this aswell. I thought he got more professional since CS:GO got big. But on these kinds of tourneys you'll be able to see...
krystal vac
what match and what round?
RIP chrisJ
hahaha nice one