Have been playing since 1.0/1.1. Started playing competitively at version 1.5.

Past teams:
kmd - cal-open (seasons 9-11)
kmd - cal-intermediate (seasons 12-13)
dmk - cal-main (season 14)
dmk - cal-intermediate (season 15)
dmk - cevo-amateur runners up (lower bracket finals season 2)
5150 - cal-main somewhere in there.
ScM - cal-open (season 16)
ScM - cal-intermediate (season 17)
dmk - cal-intermediate (season 18)
wehavecrabs - cal-main (season 19)
we used 2 care - cal-o (season 20)
we used 2 care - cal-im (season 21)
west coast Ninjas - cal-o (season 22)
ScM - cal-im (season 23 - cal dies)

CS:S (Source sucks):
kmd - cal-open (season 1 0-1 in playoffs)

neurofLux - cal-main
sNd - cal-intermediate
nV - cal-invite
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Heroic vs NiP
why is the king of banana playing A?
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hah, p1mple
best alcohol drink?
The best all-around drink is beer for me. Perfect for almost any occasion and will slowly lead you into a buzz. Hard liquor is great, but not the right thing for most occasions. At least that's my dum...
Now you know how us NA folks feel when there are 12908371298312 other European tournaments... :)
Neymar or Messi
Ronaldinho was better than all these fools.
oh yea, u right! hop in a tuk tuk + beer with a ladyboy for a good time
go to thailand and ride an elephant. eat the incredibly cheap street food and get diarrhea.
87-0 is a joke now
It does not matter what nation you are from, but one's actions speak loudly to how uninformed user abdodz45 is. I would pay no attention to this internet ignoramus.
Ban events from NA
lolumad? lolubad.
get back to twerk
lefthanded pros
"i know kung fu" "show me"
What would u buy if...
I do understand. In the US, there are many jobs. Most would boil down between a full-time employee and a contracted employee. Most of the time a contractor will have to file his/her own taxes and they...
What would u buy if...
But the title of the thread is "what if you won $1 million" -- not, "what if you were paid in a paycheck $1 million" xD
What would u buy if...
anything that you earn is taxable in the good ole US and A. ie: gambling, winning the lottery. however, are not taxable up to a certain amount (don't know off top of my head)