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Hungary mad?
These portugal guys are funny..:DDD You really think u deserved that top8?! :D Lucky against Hungary in groupstage, lucky against Croatia in top16, shut ur mouth gipsy guys lol... Hungary played well ...
nerdRage vs GameAgents
I don't understand why GameAgents supporting these mixteam.. All the fking events, all the fking official matches playing with another lineup.. And kolorrr? :D who's this guy? :D:D
Nuke lag?
As i said, i have 300+ fps on every map except nuke! And yeah, not everyone has a mom and dad who buy a new PC!! go to work little kid or shut ur mouth!
Nuke lag?
I have 300-350 fps on every map, but on nuke 150-170.. (sometimes 130 when 5 guys rushing outside:)))) So yeah, laggsssSssSsSSsss
Envy vs Tempo Storm
kick these fucking bot lol!!
-cbble + nuke / -overp + santor
just + nuke to map pool :)
Natus Vincere vs
retarded kid lvl99
Natus Vincere vs
Online -> upset Navi and a lot of topteams Offline: packing in groupstage at hungarian garage lan.. HELLO BULGARIA!!!!444!!!! vs Orbit
They are hungarians, just sayin' little dumbass moron :)
FlipSid3 vs Orbit
dat lineup xD
Property vs volgare
ok csöcsösbercy
Property vs volgare
kyle vac and esl banned, not bad :)
Kinguin vs Titan
lol please kick these fucking shitplayer, and play with body or to1nou, way better then Maniac..
NiP roster changes
12 years old portugal kiddy open a topic... so pathetic, find a train and jump under little f..kface