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ferrari laugh thread
Imagine how much illegal those engines were last season, that secret deal with FIA is a joke, its made to not disqualify and zero their stats of 2019 season. Binotto is much worse than Arrivabene, ima...
If Vettel gets Ricciardo spot at Renault next year he will feel very good. Lets go Mclaren!
MAFIA 2 ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
mafia 3 is the worse of all. We're in 2020, but Mafia 2 is even nowadays good graphics aise and great story. Mafia 1... what can I tell, I played that game for so many hours as a kid, what a story, wh...
Corona Numbers WTF
Do you believe in China's numbers? Just gonna leave this question here :)
My child game, I will never forget Don Salieri and Tommy Angelo
loved the missions server, escort the president and stuff like that ahah :) Then the most played servers with stunt levels and challenges, so awesome and competitive
Single player history Metro series Mafia 1 & 2 Online multiplayer Counter-Strike series SA-MP
Dignitas vs GamerLegion
f0rest carries or dignitas loses. Go f0rp!
Best 1.6 Players
from all time? neo & f0rest thats like Messi & Ronaldo, easy choice
Single player game
metro series. Best single player games I've ever played, with good pc for hd graphics and good headphones makes you feel you're living the game. Everything is so well made. You will enjoy a lot, speci...
First, it was not inside penalty area. Second, from the images that passed you could not say that rafinha faulted him Third, I don't believe Flamengo can keep up with Liverpool pace now, they're waste...
Ballon d'Or
I don't want to sound based, but if Modric won that ballon d'or agaisnt Ronaldo, it's a fucking injustice for VVD if he doesn't win over Messi. I don't get surprised if it doesn't happened, same shit ...