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The most mature way to deal with this problem would obviously be you buying a gun, mkay? Glad i could help.
Obama or Romney?
U callin me a nigger? Oh lawd! Am gonna beat yo pussy ass niguh! Sick of u dum mothufukin muslim nazi mexicaan terorists! Barak mah daddy, he give me food! n u bein disrespectful? Ama rape yo ass!
Obama or Romney?
What the hell, man? Why did you flip out at me? Is it because i'm black? You just proved my point is what you did. RACIST!
Obama or Romney?
Ok, enough. Be honest, it's clear to me and everyone on this site that you just hate black people. Don't ya?
Obama or Romney?
Not enough roundness. Ridiculousness - yes, but a serious lack of roundness and baldness. alright
Obama or Romney?
Yea, he should be ashamed for taking god's name in vein. He probably doesn't even stone unruly children and people that work on sundays. Not like us, the reaw cwistian peopr. Am i riiiiight?
GTR biceps
Two retards chatting. :D
Malkin strong, Sweden wrong.
Haha, i love you!
Malkin strong, Sweden wrong.
Thank you for your point, how many do i need to get an A+?
Malkin strong, Sweden wrong.
Oh mah gawd, stereotyping is so bad! When i looked at your age, i instantly knew you were going to try to rape me, you dirty, dirty man! Mah gawd, sweaty Jayzus! "Silly country man" - that's mega r...
Malkin strong, Sweden wrong.
And, why did you check out my profile? Do you want to rape me? Is that it? Are you a dirty rapist? Oh ma gawd, you disgust me!
Malkin strong, Sweden wrong.
your kind of sarcastic jokes [BOLD]are[/BOLD] not funny at all. Okay, okay, calm down whore!
Malkin strong, Sweden wrong.
*You are/You're *so You're so sarcastic.
u'r biggest wish?
Your new boat engine is a whore! A WHORE!
hockey world cup 2012
OHMAGAWD, you're so rude. I hope you get ass cancer.