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Steam acc from 2003

Played casually CS 1.5
Played CS 1.6 since July 2005
Played CS:S since November 2010
Playing CS:GO since December 2012 [quit from mid 2013 to mid 2017 for professional reasons]

CS 1.6 Teams:
Xtream Strikers

CS:S Teams:
Vatican Skills
Last Blood*
AK Team v2*
United Skills*
Western Ravens*
Team Phantasy*

*Same rooster, different orgs or minor rooster changes

CS:GO Team:
(me) a perfect circle - IGL
Serras16 - Lurker/Entry fragger
balakov// - Lurker/Support
Manticore - Support/AWP
bujutsu - Support/2nd AWP

shikamaru (sub)

I was born in Vatican City, been living in Italy and Portugal.
Great grandfather from Romania
Dad from Italy
Mom from Portugal
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r8 new keyboard
Just came to say you have a great taste in keyboard. Well done. Make good use of it. Enjoy.
Why change from +1 to "lol"? Afraid of being left apart of -1?
So you believe Giants are better than MIBR?
You put the portuguese flag to shame. Honestly... Stop embarrassing your country.
your age and job
31 reporter/journalist
i go sleep
Your Relationship
Sure, I don't look at others. I do things for myself. I wrote, by mystake, "everyone" instead of: "every" now and then xD. She does want to marry, she tells me that everytime ahah, in fact, she doesn'...
Your Relationship
I am not in a rush, and still haven't felt that "click", but everyone now and then I feel something inside saying that I should go forward, but my brain tells me not to... just yet. Time will tell.
Your Relationship
Since 23/8/2014. In fact I might thinking about getting married... jeez
[+18] Girl Help
@Flammenwerfer listen to this brazilian brother. He knows the real deal. No girl has a specific 'science', but this pretty much covers the basics. It's about her, not about you. And try to show some c...
First sex
One year and a half. 2 years after breaking up, we randomly met and it was really akward. She admitted later that it was a mistake to break up, as she didnt believed in distance relationships: I went ...
First sex
Well, lol, no sarcasm needed but yeah. It was fun looking back then lol.
First sex
New Year Eve, I was 18 and she was 17. We didn't like it other, we were drunk and some friends throw us into a room so we could do it, as we were already making out... But we didn't. We began but stop...
OVERRATED PLAYERS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fox (-ex dignitas, tempo storm...)
[14+] girl help
Understand what she likes first, see if you have any interest at the same things then if you do, it may be easier to get to talk to her more regularly, but, keep in mind that you must also open yourse...