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Humanity is dying and all I can think about is how I don't give a fuck !

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London Attackers.
Bullshit, terrorists in france didn't come from warzones where their family could be part of the casualties. They were french plebs living boring and stupid life. Most terrorists and even a lot of mus...
London Attackers.
Like each terrorists, look at their eyes. Completely empty, not even a hint of intelligence...
Death Penalty for certain crimes
You're, right, they prefer to be seen as angels claiming death penalty is bad, it is murder blabla, but they never think about the potential threat those kind of people are if they're left alive. Com...
Death Penalty for certain crimes
Firstly it costs a lot of money from government, therefore for citizens who have to give money for the scum of the earth. And seconly, you can't even be 100% sure they'll never get out of prison, one ...
French come here!!!
National park of the Cevennes is a must see. Beautiful Lord of the Ring type of landscape
I find your lack of faith disturbing...
I will answer, even if I think you're way too immature with your arrogance and your "lmfaos". Cheap meat is obviously not good at all. No taste, not tender and they reject a lot of water when you ...
I was talking about the environment. I'm myself a meat eater but I don't buy cheap meat where animals are tortured
Country with cleanest water ?
In France, there are really, really clean waters. Especially near the "Mont Aigoual" in the national park of the cevennes
People with a brain, wisdom and moral. The only people who should be allowed to live, in short
French Text HELP ASAP
La congolexicomatisaion des lois du marché !
Hated in your country?
Wasn't there a story where albanians fake the death of many of their younglings in order to riot against serbs ? And also kill everyone ? I learned that in history
Who is your god?
just voted MACRON
Ok, je vais tenter de me calmer et d'argumenter. Je sais que j'ai du mal à ne pas m'emporter quand je débat mais désolé, quand je vois ce que t'écris, j'ai beaucoup de mal. Bref, my bad. Commençon...
I'd never dare !