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Humanity is dying and all I can think about is how I don't give a fuck !

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That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence /close
Thing is, and idiots don't understand that like the one above, is that you have statistics, so if you have some notions or a fps background like csgo, you'll kick ass at the begining since you play wi...
Eu according to latin america
That's Norway you dumb cunt !
Sometimes, dude, things are not so simple. When people find out you're gay, they make your life a living hell, like I saw it happened so many times to people I know. Maybe this dude need to say it, to...
"If your parents did, i am very sorry for you and your entire family" Well, some parents teach their children respect for another human being, some parents teach their children hatred. Love or hatred...
COnsidering homosexuality as mental illness in 2017... humanity really do not deserve do be saved
Why am I progressively getting worse and worse at this game.
Take a break. A week should be enough. It really helps
French HLTV!?!
There was one, at some point. His name was Reakq. He's done some events highlight videos and made pretty neat statistics of players, teams, weapon used etc.. I'd say a lot of the actual rank and stati...
I guess your nationality
Grégoire... Pretty hard this one
Better walk a dog than cleaning cat's shit and piss
china RACIST
Bad people having to die in order to protect innocents is beyond you ? Guess you don't know much about life...
London Attackers.
Bullshit, terrorists in france didn't come from warzones where their family could be part of the casualties. They were french plebs living boring and stupid life. Most terrorists and even a lot of mus...
London Attackers.
Like each terrorists, look at their eyes. Completely empty, not even a hint of intelligence...
Death Penalty for certain crimes
You're, right, they prefer to be seen as angels claiming death penalty is bad, it is murder blabla, but they never think about the potential threat those kind of people are if they're left alive. Com...
Death Penalty for certain crimes
Firstly it costs a lot of money from government, therefore for citizens who have to give money for the scum of the earth. And seconly, you can't even be 100% sure they'll never get out of prison, one ...