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Pros with bitch tits (gyno)
Okay, then. So is there any proof? Like interview or ama? Because get_right was fat and for example i know a guy who was fat and lost weight, like a lot, but he's still have fat on chest and legs and ...
Pros with bitch tits (gyno)
Dude, i know your point and this whole topic doesn't make any sense since, as you mentioned "GYNO(GYNECOMASTIA) IS NOT FAT". "So why are there so many pro players with gynecomastia?" - You don't fuc...
Pros with bitch tits (gyno)
Nope, this thread is about fat only because gyno does not equal fat.
Pros with bitch tits (gyno)
No 300IQ needed. Those guys are just fat. It's fat on chest, not fucking gyno. Gyno Is caused by hormonal disorders.
Pros with bitch tits (gyno)
First of all it's not a gyno...
cheater live in my match
vac update?
How the fuck is this even possible? This guy cheating on stream for 150 viewers and no ban? WTF volvo
robiin on lan
I've never seen anything like this before. I mean on a pro scene. This guy has great aim, great crosshair placement and bad movement - like, for real. His movement suck so much.
Post ur PC SPECS
Asus MAXIMUS IX HERO; i7-7700K (+Noctua NH-D15); ASUS Radeon RX 580 STRIX OC; Team Group Dark - 2x8GB @ 3000MHz; Corsair SF600 600W + FireCude HDD with SSD from GoodRam
Pc Build
Should be fine:
+pimp +thoorin
Snax vs. Astralis - ECS Season 3.
nice edit, gj
ᶰᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵇᵘʸ ᵃ ᵏ&#749
i5 6600k or i7 6700k
13k viewers in 30 seconds, wtf :D
snax phone?
it's a phone with cheat on BOIS