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FaZe secure the services of NiKo
mouz win ESL FM Germany 2015
Talent over proven player. Seems legit. Take a seat please.
mouz win ESL FM Germany 2015
CPH Wolves. LGB eSports. LDLC. FlipSide. Property. Reason Gaming. Acer eSports. I can continue on. Every team above mentioned can easily change a player for Niko, simply cause he is better than the...
mouz win ESL FM Germany 2015
Without hating any team, including mousesports, yes, Niko does deserve a better team. There is a golden rule in C.S which is that you improve as much as your team improves. He is right now the best...
Titan vs 3DMAX
This stonde can't hit a wide open swimming pool.
Euro vs USD
Ok, let me clear a thing or two to you. If USA continue to develop as they have been so far, they will enter something called nature unemployment rate (already on the edge of it), which basically i...
TaZ: "Minimum placing is top two"
Wow. You have issues mate. Serious ones.
mousesports pick up NiKo
Ne pisi gluposti. In Sarajevo (same goes for the rest of FBiH), almost every single school has Germany as third language, both in primary and high schools. Not sure how it is in his city, but I imagin...
Do you as a community Realize what you did to Fnatic...
Before you read anything I write below, know that I don't support ANYONE, and I don't CARE about anyone. I use this forum to have a good laugh at people like you. 1. This Fnatic team OWES NOTHING t...
RattlesnK, RE1EASE in new team
Will disband till the end of the next month.
dota2 $8.7m and counting
you're wrong.
Worldcup winner
I dunno who will win the WC, but what I know is that my country (Bosnia and Hercegovina) will be 2nd in the group stage, and eliminate France in the next round. Good luck!
Does CS need an "International"?
Dude, you lost your point when you said "11 months of shitty tournaments". 4 Starladder events for a year, Dreamhacks, the 2 Chinese events (can't remember the names), ESL One's and probably few more ...
Does CS need an "International"?
I have no idea what you are talking about, but you are beyond wrong.
s1mple leaves Hashtag; bondik joins
How can I get in contact with this team? Anyone can help ?