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Euro vs USD
Ok, let me clear a thing or two to you. If USA continue to develop as they have been so far, they will enter something called nature unemployment rate (already on the edge of it), which basically i...
dota2 $8.7m and counting
you're wrong.
Worldcup winner
I dunno who will win the WC, but what I know is that my country (Bosnia and Hercegovina) will be 2nd in the group stage, and eliminate France in the next round. Good luck!
Post your IQ result
Who needs a IQ test when I study @ Harvard (finished Cambridge already)...
NATO to attack Syria.
Grammar issues detected.
NATO to attack Syria.
On the cost of your country my friend, on the cost of your country.
NATO to attack Syria.
I wonder why did they do that...
NATO to attack Syria.
I wonder why did they do that...
COLON, a Cheater or a Challenger? You're welcome.
FIFA World ranking for July 2013
Damn, Bosnia tooo stronK ! :D
World Cup 2014 - Predictions
Bosnia > Croatia > Belgium at this very finest moment :) Honestly speaking, I don't know anyone that is in better form that my country currently is.
US Drone Terrorism Caught On Video
Ladies and Gentlemen, the future of Israel Nation:
US Drone Terrorism Caught On Video
I must reply to you, so that my comment can be seen... Are you not (American people, American nation, American religion & beliefs) ashamed of what your country is doing? Of what your country has be...
dotA 2 hero help?
I am pretty sure Lion is the easiest hero in the game for beginners. Anyway, before you get to know the game, you need ot play at least 200 games (I have done that in 3 months, since I don't play it t...
Miralem Pjanic?
So, you wanna say you have a better player? Covjece, rastavili bi vas, kurca ne bi znali... It's a reality, not a provocation or anything like that. The Serbian team currently SUCKS. BIG TIME.