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Gale Force vs SoaR
Ez for grimz
1.6 or GO?
You're really full of shit if you believe 1.6 had anywhere near/had accurate run and gunning
Isurus vs INTZ
the most obvious throw in history
Spirit vs PRIDE
I understand, I like you
Spirit vs PRIDE
ok bud, ignore everything else. worthless
Spirit vs PRIDE
One replies bingo, then we get this dumb fuck lmao. It's much easier to understand if you think of it in betting terms for beginners you fuck face
Spirit vs PRIDE
are you an idiot?
Spirit vs PRIDE
+1.5 + 1 map = 2.5 maps. so you only need to win one map to reach 2 -1.5 + 1 map = 1.5 maps, so you need to win 2 in order to reach 2
Bpro vs EPG
35 dollars on BPRO - ez 90 gg
Rise Nation vs Gale Force
Ez 100, -3.5 bet for gf on overpass and under 26.5 rounds on cbble, gg
SK vs Astralis
please replace taco asap, what a terrible fucking player
Fat people and welfare?
"Do you think that nations should remove all welfare for obese people, i mean people that is so obese that they even struggle with normal everyday tasks and therefor will never ever be able to get a j...
Fat people and welfare?
Are you guys seriously this mentally ill? What if they have a medical issue which causes them to have a lot of weight? What if they are mentally ill themselves? What if they have a disability? Childre...
North vs Space Soldiers
Only logged into this account to say you fucking suck North
DubStep Lovers ?
Silkie, Von D, Quest, numbern9ne, Funtcase, Joker, Culprate, anyone under the DEEP MEDi label really. Check em~