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Best copy-pasta
is it me or is olofmeister a bit of a boring player like u see it at the end of the game "oh wow olof has 32 kills" but u can never remember them. can u remember a single olof kill ? but try guardi...
Germany/Finland in CSGO
Two of the most retarded arguments I keep hearing all the time in here. Population of Sweden = 9,5 million. And obviously competitive gaming is not a thing here because we don't have talented enough p...
Mashed Potatoes
Hockey fans?
Hockey fans?
Yeah I saw it. I honestly don't think he is going to play this season. For Habs it does not make a huge difference anymore, even Hart Price couldn't drag them to playoffs, they have been that bad for ...
Hockey fans?
Rinne is done. Too many injuries. Goalie is such a heavy position to play. We'll see if Price is the next one to follow...
KoN Sweden vs KoN Finland
Haha, CoD-shitters vs solid god tier CS players - I wonder who is going to take this.
stigmata never played in LGT
So many ex-CoD players here. I think it says enough about the game when not a single ex-CoD player is relevant in CS:GO. Well what can you expect from a game where you don't actually even need to know...
Worst Players vs European Misfits
krii has to be the worst nickname ever. KRII KRII im a fucking retarded bird
NASA just announced life on MARS
Unfair pistol round ace
hahha never thought of that. actually not buying anything + getting one kill would make it enough to buy kevlar+helmet. that would be sick against glocks.
TSM vs
wth are they thinking? :D I'd play big on VP with that.
When Allu leaves..
The problem with allu is that it has now been proven that he is not a superstar-caliber player. NiP brought allu with hopes that he could single-handedly turn matches around. Maybe his time in mousesp...