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I Rate your nickname and improve it!
First person in USA.....
The good news is, the high school I went to is only on that list once... sweet.
Israel's best players
Does Spooky still play? He played on my 1.6 cal o team in NA lol.. he had like 220 ping. Good guy.
Top 20th Users of 2018
wtf no Mutechno?
CSGO is a waste of time?
If you enjoyed your time, then it is never a waste of it.
sk of lose agein imagen fan of not like more no "hey sk fan" and under spectat like "not think sk of win" and win. win of becous of thing rite befor in top. they win of that. that or of persons of thi...
Worst HLTV user 2018??
hey. good mornign. i here to talk of fight in cs. hey poeple. i was look of server and i disciover dat fight is problem major in CS. dont fight man!! CS alredy violento. we need peace to play of good....
1.6 > GO
twistzz > auti
Ska actually did a lot of the support while awping. I guess that's why he wasn't so aggressive.
NA and what would make them great
That'd be fun to cast.
goat csgo map?
Anyone remember de_Simpsons? My favorite pub map.
goat csgo map?
CS:GO smooth only first time i start the game
Even if it isn't the "problem," (which is likely the issue, due to you swapping all other parts with the exception of the psu) you will could have a much more reliable psu for the future.
CS:GO smooth only first time i start the game
The absolute most critical part of a pc is a quality psu. Not only can a cheap one fail, it can take out components with it and cause issues that may relate to you problem.
1.)s1mple 2.)Xyp9x 3.)gla1ve
Do you all think naf is top 5?