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Thoughts on Nuke?
They took a less complicated map and made it a lot more complex and very shinier ..
core2duo users!
Does FXAA affect on fps? if so is it negatively or positively
core2duo users!
i think there is bit of bottleneck ,because when i decrease the resolution (1024x768)to(800x600),the fps increase is only 10fps approx and when from(800x600) to (640x480) there isnt any !
core2duo users!
i was going for gts450 but there wasnt any available :(
core2duo users!
core2duo 8400 @ 3.0 ghz 2gb RAM 9800 gt 5v5= 70-100 dm= 50-70 need help. any tweeks ?
Buy a CS:GO Server in Asia
I can't find dedicated server's here, it's selling CS GO, not the dedicated servers.
20,000 viewers
switching to go does not mean they cannot play source. I play 1.6 and dota 2 daily. I did mean to offend anyone but the truth is always bitter. Do you really think that the 43,000 people on steam only...
20,000 viewers
Because it is Counter-strike global offensive? technically speaking the people of 1.6 should have migrated to cs:s and then to cs:go. but valve keeps on repeating it's mistakes. They knew cs:s was a f...
CS:GO Crosshair Enlargement
Thanks for your answer, although you just maked a fool out of yourself ...
Eid Mubarak
Yea but brother you're providing him with wrong information and when he passes it on to another it will be much worse so please i request just research before answering any questions regarding our rel...
Eid Mubarak
I don't know why even people post's religious greetings on a forum like this when they know that they will get negative and harsh comments rather then well wishes.
Eid Mubarak
Get your fact's right. According to Islam we slaughter the animal by cutting the main vein going through his neck by which the animal suffers the least pain and the blood is flown out of the body as q...
3 best players in your country?
umeroff umeroff umeroff
the most photogenic cs player?
To Pus
Happy Birthday!!