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I did not read through this whole thread because why the fuck would I do that...But it appears no one has grasped that he was fucking making a joke. He's probably the most progressive billionaire on t...
"ok boomer"
It's the same insult being regurgitated 5000x over for as long as internet insults have been around. Using insults to boost one's own ego is a staple of internet interaction. This one is actually espe...
grat is a large part of the reason they have hit top4 in tournaments this past year. Yes he was sub par in this one, but I don't think that's a reason to replace him. If he continues to suck sure, but...
Meh, astralis ate a bunch of adderall for this one, nothing that 100t could do.
Faze can be easily #1
That doesn't change what I said at all? You were the one that brought up coldzera carrying, and he has NOT been carrying at all in any of these tournaments.
Faze can be easily #1
Are you delusional? They were terrible for every tournament they played with coldzera until the past two.
Faze can be easily #1
They literally were complete shit before they added broky. Since he joined they have won a tournament, and are looking damn good at this one.
Faze can be easily #1
Yeah, lets kick people after we start actually winning, makes complete sense.
EG is not actually NA.
Because of one tooth that many scientists are skeptical about means Greece wins. We are all from Greece then, all other countries lose.
EG is not actually NA.
Euro's aren't actually from Europe because we all have our roots in Africa. Africans win
all aim no brain vs all brain no aim
astralis have sick aim at times wtf you smoking
all aim no brain vs all brain no aim
hah :D
Man that's so depressing that anyone can believe in child hormone therapy, fucking brainwashing at its' finest.
So fucking disgusting to approve of this shit. Everyone associated with that needs to be fucking brought back to reality. I have absolutely no issue with anything in the LGTBQ community, but giving ho...
Climate change ?
I realize that, I was just simply replying to what he was saying.