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Is it panic mode for me soon?
Don't worry man...once you get past 25 or so your perspective on life changes in general (same with women)...The things you find you care about change significantly, sex seems to become much more of j...
Stock Investing
I guess I worded that improperly, I didn't mean a genuine 'crash'. I just think we will see all time highs on the NYSE sometime in October, and once the election has passed then we will see a signific...
Stock Investing
Truly seems like everything is going to increase (equities, cryptos, minerals) at the same time in a completely unprecedented move. I expect this to continue up until the US election in November, then...
Stock Investing
Don't let FOMO get you. Don't buy beyond they are insanely overvalued and their stock should crash back to earth by the end of the year. They have earnings this week as well, so they might be good for...
Stock Investing
This guy knows ^^^ BYND is way overpriced
Should be an upgrade but really no way to tell until we get back to LAN CS. This random online shit is just random online shit, no real way of telling who is the top team. Just look at HLTV top10 sinc...
1$ to 10000$
why don't you bet on financial markets instead, much faster returns
Videogames are a waste of time
If you waste your time playing video games endlessly instead of trying to improve your life, then point made. But if your an average gamer who plays for fun and still grinds real life, I don't see any...
Nitro to Faze?
makes no sense
Valorant = Spyware
Yea I think most people don't even think about it, or choose to ignore it. It is quite terrifying indeed, thanks for link will give it a watch. Personally, I don't really care if my habitual informati...
Scariest Movies of all time
I thought The Ring was scary, but I was also 12 when I watched it. Can't remember the last time a movie actually scared me.
Valorant = Spyware
I just don't trust Riot enough to protect their kernel software. I doubt their security team has the budget or capabilities required to keep it up.