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Astralis fix
I think he knows where he stands on this team, any toxicity and trash talking would certainly move him out the door.
Astralis fix
Magisk has been beast support player wtf you talking about
laugh at what
I didn't smoke weed for years then I moved to a state where it is legal, so hard to resist after walking in a weed store.
North will beat Astralis
no way
DHM R2 Predictions
Agree with them all except mouz will beat mibr 2-1
I think skadoodle will definitely retire after the major. Would love to see a combination of NRG and C9 pull together their best players but it's probably not going to happen
Salary in your country
Minimum wage for my local area is $11.50/hr. I make $30-50 / hr depending on the day and I'm still fucking poor and struggling to pay my bills in this area (Seattle).
VP - Byali + ?
Doesn't matter who they add, neo/pasha will never crack the top10 again. TBH I don't think a dreamteam of polish players no matter who you put together could crack top5 right now.
no perfect country
BIG L - Real Hip-Hop
Never heard of them before, nice thanks for the link
Oldest pro player
He's still able to hang with pretty much anyone in tier 1...sure he's not putting up s1mple numbers but still pretty impressive
BIG L - Real Hip-Hop
If you like Big L then give papoose a listen. I think Big L has a slightly better delivery but papoose is pretty ill too. All the good ones died way too soon. At least Big L was a real G though, chopp...
rap is trash
Agreed 99% of mainstream rap or top100 hip hop songs are pretty much trash with a few exceptions here and there over the past 10 years. Still plenty of good new rap coming out all the time, but none o...
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