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Ask a Russian about Russia
What are the normal monthly expenses like in Russia? By this I mean average cost of rent / mortgage, food, electricity, water, internet etc..
[18+] If your gf cheated on you
Depends on how serious the relationship is. Probably 99% of this site are not in a real serious relationship (kids and or marriage) so if that is the case; meh who really cares, fuck her a couple more...
You are right, losing hope is always a terrible idea. If the whole world thought that way, then we wouldn't be in this sad situation. Unfortunately, most of the developing 2nd and 3rd world countries ...
Yes, it is impossible so we are most likely fucked in the next couple hundred years. Though it is always naive to believe that our current science is the ultimate truth, as the impossible changes ever...
No, that was why I said I don't mean Mars. Obviously going to Mars isn't going to solve shit.
Meh, we are too far gone to actually prevent serious climate change at this point. Our best hope lies in our physicists/mathematicians/coders to get us to other planets (and I don't mean Mars although...
U have a gf?
I was inferring that intelligent people do not use social media.
U have a gf?
Yes, the majority of people are not intelligent by definition.
Croatia last european hope
Really hope croatia takes it. Fucking hate france and england fans.
Women in sports
hahaha, sadly that will probably become true
r8 my clutch
Should have been dead before 1st kill
Women in sports
Don't worry, the world will soon be so PC that women will be integrated into all sports team.
9000$ IF BIG WIN
hasn't s1mple already won two mvp awards this year while finishing in 2nd place?
Is fapping gay?
made my day :D
Honestly hope winner of this match goes on to win the cup. Fans of all the other teams still remaining are fucking annoying. I guess the Swede's are okay too.