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guys i moved to NA
:D +1
name 3 things useless on Earth
religion, economy, lawyers and........ cryptomining
Esea vs Faceit (europe)
me too but usually i am picker very rarely and if i pick some other map, someone will not connect
Esea vs Faceit (europe)
how to get to lvl10 by solo qeueing in faceit?
Esea vs Faceit (europe)
this is one of the biggest and most overlooked problems of faceit, 95% mirage, rest 5% cache
Esea vs Faceit (europe)
faceit is better after 2500 elo
Esea vs Faceit (europe)
what, u cant be carried by better players on esea, thats your problem? faceit is full of boosted noobs like you
Who do you think is gonna be TOP1 2018???
not sure if s1mple can be top1 because navi will not win any event
Rate my budget PC fix
i like your build :D
Most disappointing players
worldedit is wasted talent, imagine you would be so long in a shit, unimportant team, anyone would degrade there.
How Bad is your country?
ofc, but how is it possible in muslim countries?
How Bad is your country?
hows that?
Stat's and skill arent everything
actually karrigan is igl that is capable of fragging, on the other hand i am not sure about his igl skills, faze many times don't know what to do in the middle of the round especially when one of them...
6 different winners on the last 6 premier events
faze always lost grandfinals very close and mainly because other team had their momentum in that particular tournament, so thank to faze which are undoubtedly top 1 team that we dont have boring scene...
too much beer