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What did 1.6 do better than csgo
1.6 and csgo weapons doesnt feel same... at all.. csgo is better game for sure, I mean the whole game in BIG picture. But, goddamn I miss those old days
Epic Rio major final
Actually Navi vs. Vitality would be interesting to watch for sure. Zywoo s1mple match up..
Its ok casual game to kill time... cs is still "the game"
HLTV ads wtf
Now we just know you spent most of your time at pornsites...
Corona Mask
Nature does what nature has to do.
Valve not doing shit
Just those skills or whatever OW shit there is the exactly reason why project a wont replace anything.. maybe little less players on csgo when PA is released but eventually csgo numbers rise again
left faceit match
So I understood it correctly at the beginning? My point were simply that you sound like an typical russian who blames everyone else than himself and probably starts trolling at some point or leaves.
left faceit match
Yes, you did leave from a game? And the reason was nobrainers on your team which lose site everyround and you were unable to retake it... I was expecting little bit better defenses :p
left faceit match
What the actual fuck I just did read... you sound pretty much that "ruski" idiot who start yelling everytime someone dies and blames others for losing. "I troll now xaxaxa" gtfo and stop playing cs it...
if you like Krieg/SG
Its just way too overpowered weapon to not use. I kinda hate it but meta is meta
+18 Run and smoke
Weed addiction comes from your head, basicly you can stop whenever you _want_. There is no physical addiction at all
Would love to see cobble again. However, I guess mirage is the best one to play myself...
tarik wallet stolen
They do exactly the same thing in finland.. I dont get your message
ENCE will win ESL One Cologne 2019
I would say mouz or navi will take this one... ence probably will lose first games and thats it : )