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Do a super team :)
Not sure how you get that perform as a perfect one, they are doing very well. However they are lacking something when they are facing astralis/liquid. I would say that if sunny wants to join ence the...
Faceit lvl vs MM Rank
Those two does not connect to each other in any way... Matchmaking is more like casual shittage while faceit is mostly for people who likes to try harder and keep improving themself - even dreaming t...
Where is "Snax place" on map?
Cache, B site entrance. Right "dead" corner
Worthfull Account
I'm selling 5digit account which is created September 13 2003. Csgo with 3k hours + cod blackout etc.
ENCE vs Astralis [Map predictions]
Tää :D
Hey Finns come here
Only if... Then aerial has to go *_*
BIG and Mirage
Rib ence
ENCE vs Renegades
Only unibet is giving higher odds to ence than renegades. What the actual??
Sure it is, but as you see yourself; bullets does not go to head and he is actually placing crosshair to chest/shoulder so its not "broken" meanwhile you can try to find clips where you can clearly se...
What is actually wrong with this? he hits 3 times to body on that clip... rapid speed mouse1 and expecting to hit all shots to head from there? :D
What does "IDK" stand for?
Bosnian AMA
Drunk asf
Yeah you do it, the fact that you live only once; so enjoy it! Shit happens, you will get over it and everything is going to be good. Now its time to go sleep, remember to enjoy your life while you ...
Drunk asf
Thats what I were thinking before I made me decision, now I enjoy my time with my friends but without alcohol, not that much but I still do. Now I have family and I spent most of my time with them, ...
Drunk asf
Well, my opinion is that you cant ever fix your mental issues with drinking - I even think that makes it even worse. You need to clear your mind, and alcohol does not help you at all, maybe go to talk...