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My settings:
1920x1080 @ 144hz ASUS VG248QE
Sensitivity 2.4
Windows Sentitivity 9
Razer DeathAdder 3.5g @ 500hz @400dpi

Status: Playing on extreme kaoss

Teams: flashbug - p8 - next episode

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My Top 10 PC Games:
1º Battlefield 2 & 3
2º Fallout series
3º GTA series
4º S.T.A.L.K.E.R series
4º Dead Space 1
5º Witcher series
6º Batman: Arkham Asylum
7º Dead Space 1
8º TeS: Skyrim
9º Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
10º Mass Effect 1 & 2 (3 sucks)

My favourite old PC games:
1º Resident Evil 2
2º Counter-Strike
3º Starcraft: Broodwar
4º MU Online
5º Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
and so many more

Actually playing CS:GO/BOLD] and World of Warships
My BFBC2 Stats:

Ex-Moderator & admin ofdGamers Gaming Community (R.I.P.), best Argentinian CS forum.
Forum posts
SK can't win anything
That's true, i play every day with them and they are annoying :S
We will win this ESL easily
Yes vinny I know, and i said that a lot of times but this kind of threads are so pointless.. I'm getting tired of so many toxic supporters
COLDZERA cheating
You're smart as a monkey, you don't know the meaning of loyalty, you're asbolutelly not friendly, yes you're from Brazil! 7-1
We will win this ESL easily
"We are going to destroy NiP" lol, because you are friend of the SK guys for sure, right? What an asshole
I was thinking the same, if they loose FalleN will be trolled forever
g3x vs Furious
Go Furious!
Top 20 players considering at the moment form, achievements and last year form.
Rocky > Tyson
Top 20 players considering at the moment form, achievements and last year form.
source players are "newgen" considering 1.6 players i don't remember dev1ce playing 1.6
The justice will prove that.. I'm not against her and i'm not on Macri's side but all the politics that are guilty of corruption should be on the jail.
What about CFK? She's clean, right? Ha
How You Answer A CALL?
- "Hola" if is someone who i don't know) - "Que hacés chabón" or "Que hacés loco" if is a friend
Favourite city in Europe
Ibiza, Paris
Corinthians the Champions of America
These players are not so good man, the only real good is CR7. The others are just crazy ideas of Mourinho, like Pepe and Coentrao. Man, these 2 players REALLY sucks and don't deserve to be in Real Mad...
Corinthians the Champions of America
lol, Brasil/Argentina/Germany/Italy/England/Netherlands can beat Portugal easily .
Corinthians the Champions of America
Offcourse, we will miss him too much.