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Your height
deffo not with 18 cause i was still growing when i turned 20 i guess not much but still got taller and i mean "Xd" cant be more obvs
is depression normal as you grow oder?
ofc not a shot but its quite hard to come into a company maybe you rly want to cause much more ppl are going to apply for the postion i mean if u get your bachelor u have it just feels like every pers...
brushing teeth
could be genetics or so some or most ppl have "worse" teeth than others idk aslong they are still in place its fine :D
Your height
28yo 1.91 i guess im done growing Xd
F1 : Rosberg Retires
made his dream come true so why not reached the climax of his career
is depression normal as you grow oder?
market is overflooded with ppl
Talibans in Germanikstan
right didnt know there were places in germany wich are basically occupied by muslims as in malmö and rinkeby
Talibans in Germanikstan
did your grandparents got raped by germans back in the days you salty little cunt your are a stereotype polish person who talks trash about others and prolly sits at home waveing the polish flag in a ...
is depression normal as you grow oder?
better grades better outcome if u go for the easy studyline loads of ppl gonna go it so might be harder in future to get a decent position for example everybody studies "economic" lines those ppl are ...
and still ripped like a 20yr old in his prime
np scoped in japan flag
he played eleague and was logged in 20 days ago jesus
18+ Rate Milf
nice alien hands
1.6 > csgo
Playzeek best 5v5 tournaments final match the client goes bananas and the whole tournament was fucked
she gets old u know