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Is m0e jew?
420 religion buddy
200€ AMD cpu
dude wait for the new AMD cpu to come out seriously
GF ADVICE ! help me hltv
Dude fuck her, when you done fucking, give her 5 euro, tell her it was a slutty service and you dont want more. :D
FCPorto vs SLBenfica
people getting mad without reason it was just a game, people shouldnt take games like their own lives
FCPorto vs SLBenfica
you don love anything dude you just hate, stay cool.
FCPorto vs SLBenfica
this guys are sick. they do what they can, to " be the best" at making memes about rival clubs instead of fucking supporting their teams, if you people really supported your club you would not even th...
ESEC respect
ESEC on vacations its a very good job indeed
Cheap mouse
i have a X7 F5 mouse and its my 3rd X7 mouse, so if you want a durable mouse dont buy X7's
Just another FPS thread.
ya want some?
FlipSid3 vs PENTA
people dont understand that flipside would have won if werent the mixes, gg to the ddoser
solo or girlfriend
that's what i thought bro
The boost isn't 'illegal'!
the point is that a professional Counter-Strike team used this bug in a Major tournament
The boost isn't 'illegal'!
i lost 4 cents in this game im i supposed to be mad? xD
The boost isn't 'illegal'!
maybe it was entertaining at a certain point, just the fact they discovered that bug, now when you get control almost of all the map, d you think it's fair? that's a bug man it was not supposed to be ...
America CS
Americans are only good in fps console games like COD, MLG 420 BLAZE IT is their religion