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Today 1. Mouz 2. BIG 3. Astralis 4. Liquid 4. G2 5. Faze 6. 100T 7. Dignitas 8. Cloud9 (recently) 9. NiP (lost due to the lekro-move) 10. Hard Legion All-time 1. Alternate Attax 1.6 (old with kapio...
I wouldn't say nobody likes brazilian teams. You can read Furia here and then and mibr, even though they're not as represented as i would have guessed. For me it's more interesting that ENCE is called...
Truth hurts
wrong too xD they have many mexicans aswell :P and native americans ofc
Truth hurts
Does he own an amercian passport and considers himself as an american? Then he is american. 2 Generations are more then enough, to say he doesnt "belong" to the polish people anymore. We have this typ...
mm ranks REAL
dmg and about 1020 wins
Truth hurts
Following your logic (and i asume it's based only on his lastname), the whole liquid team isn't amercian/canadian. nitr0 --> spanish stewie -> korean elige -> polish naf -> serbian twistzz -> dutch ...
Cancelled TV Shows you wanna renew
pretty much sums it up very well ;) and i'm totally with you, that this show had his deserved ending
Cancelled TV Shows you wanna renew
Person of Interest was very nice, but i think they created a nice end, so i'm kind of satisfied :D
Cancelled TV Shows you wanna renew
+1 awesome show. And that cliffhanger at the end :(((((( but they should have "tweaked" the basic construction a bit, like having more compensations that need more time, not only one episode. or have ...
HLTV Movie experts.
Message from the King (Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDpXhlJd6WQ) It's a Netflix Movie and i really enjoyed it. Featuring Chadwick Boseman, Luke Evans and Alfred Molina... nice action and ...
Why blaming Ozil?
it's not that simple. First u need to seperate the "they" [blame]. (1) the ones who are upset because he met with a de-facto-dictator (without pointing out the antidemocratic stuff erdogan did/does...