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Cancelled TV Shows you wanna renew
pretty much sums it up very well ;) and i'm totally with you, that this show had his deserved ending
Cancelled TV Shows you wanna renew
Person of Interest was very nice, but i think they created a nice end, so i'm kind of satisfied :D
Cancelled TV Shows you wanna renew
+1 awesome show. And that cliffhanger at the end :(((((( but they should have "tweaked" the basic construction a bit, like having more compensations that need more time, not only one episode. or have ...
most hated pro?
no, taco is awesome. in fact only cold lost some sympathy (for me)
HLTV Movie experts.
Message from the King (Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDpXhlJd6WQ) It's a Netflix Movie and i really enjoyed it. Featuring Chadwick Boseman, Luke Evans and Alfred Molina... nice action and ...
most hated pro?
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never used this side before, but didnt want to post that due to spoiler-reasons :P http://www.stephenvilletx.gov/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/image-not-available-male.jpg ok, its shortend so it was unn...
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Why blaming Ozil?
it's not that simple. First u need to seperate the "they" [blame]. (1) the ones who are upset because he met with a de-facto-dictator (without pointing out the antidemocratic stuff erdogan did/does...
Why blaming Ozil?
only sh**heads blame özil. people who know how to play football blame löw, müller or the whole team. Özil was by far not the worst. just an easy scapegoat atm. sad story bro
Best country to live
The Netherlands Beautiful girls, ez to drive bicycle (ok maybe not for fat ppl) and you can smoke weed legaly. only the food is f*ing expensive. rest -> n1
but hoeness is retarded like f. you cant seriously say his comment is reasonable. müller was BY FAR the worst player in the last wc. it wasnt the best tournament from özil, but in the last match he as...
ANY 2010 USERS ?
thought i lost mine too but tried it a few seconds ago and now i have my account back :D :D damn happy right now. thought i lost it after the databasehack
i did only taste foster's, so i cant really compare german and australian beer, but because there are so many good german brands, i would consider your cousin is right. overall i think belgium, cze...
if this is not a really bad joke.. gl beat that shit and then lets play cs