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replaying video games
Diablo 2 UT Quake 3 Red Alert 2 CIV 1.6 Zelda OoT 007 Golden Eye Mario Kart
90% of danish fans are retarded glores
Thats not nice
Danish Superteam (-Astralis)
k0nfig jugi valde esetag niko
s1mple still top1
I wasnt the one who wrote he didnt have one bad game, ya goof
18+ Make 20$ a day online
Once took 1,5 kg blow on my friends boat from denmark to norway - made 75k euros in 2 days
s1mple still top1
This cant be true.... dev1ce is a baiter and exit fragger lol
s1mple still top1
Do you even understand cs? Or have you just played some mm? It's impossible to measure most of the elements which makes a good teamplayer - at least as of now. S1mple also played against worse opposi...
s1mple still top1
ofc he had bad games - not many though
s1mple still top1
No, but compared to the other players in top5 (especially dev1ce) s1mple is probably the worst teamplayer - eg. use of utility, positioning, rotating, knowing when to play agressive or not, flash assi...
s1mple still top1
s1mple still top1
These are the facts. a) s1mple is the most skilled player aimwise b) s1mple is an average teamplayer So based on the criteria of said ranking either devve or s1mple will be #1
s1mple still top1
That is because he holds the small site (sometimes alone) - he plays a lot of retakes. Has nothing to do with baiting
s1mple go to faze / mibr
s1mple niko valde esetag electronic
device and s1mple will share TOP1 2018
s1mple didnt win enough, and he choked in important matches. He is the best player, but device deserves #1 based on the criteria of the hltv ranking
Astralis most dominatn team
So what - their era is better than fnatics and sk's