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Zeus+Seized to NaVi
zeus & electronic would be better, electronic's contract expires on the 19th i think... also i wonder if ange1 refused to join navi as this was discussed by them for daaaaays.. cant wait for the n...
How to be happy?
How to be happy? Think happy!
Who is lurppis?
Go educate yourself kiddo
Poor Mixwell
Mixwell didnt workout even for mouz according to some dource and styko joining in his place should apparantly be official news next week
Swag wtf
stress cause of valve not unbanning from majors...
Country to live in
Don't unban IBP player.
The only one that cares about money and probably not the trophy is steel, dont know bout azk, but dazed, swag are definately gonna try winning trophies and being the best.............................
iBP delusional
ITs harder now, much harder than it was before, some tier 2 tier 3 team can now come out of nowhere like tengri, vega, PENTA, BiG, some finish team or even Kinguuin or something and beat them and it w...
Gambit disqualified?!
lol u kids making your country look much worse with every nonsense post like that, when will u grow up....
Dazed's team
I love how DaZeD says he's looking forward to being TOP 5 world wide in 6 months if he's unbanned from all the events, good luck bro!
Gaben at Krakow?
...and then you woke up
Shitty Final Incoming
How? Gambit wins mouz, G2, VP in Bo1's, then BO3s vs fnatic and Astralis and you wonder how? At least for gambit that was a deserved road to where they are now, so calm your C9's tits! :D
Gambit Wasted Spot , PATHETIC
dont talk to 10 year olds, ignore them....