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As much as this hurts to write, NiP with hampus as their igl (-get_right unfortunally), and with nawwk instead of draken could do some severe damage.
VP SNAX IS HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!?
Well, VP needs to have TOAO as igl. Having snax, snatchie and MICHU seem like an obvious choice aswell. The last one is arguable.
Atlas Lions vs eXtreme
Damn, I went big on eXtreme not winning a single map, but if I knew they were this bad I would literally all in.
Theres only a way to fix NiP, having a proper igl that lets lekro loose. +hampus -doesnt matter
portugal crowd
Wut? The crowd is actually insane oO
"The Dark Web"
A friend of mine is way more deep into it then I am, I'll ask him if he knows a place where to buy it (must certainly does) and I'll message you the onion link mate!
"The Dark Web"
As far as I know, this one http://77yqlxe7pnxhnxvi.onion was used by dozens of youtubers (including a friend of mine.). Was trying to acess it and it seems it shut down tho.
"The Dark Web"
It does exist and even tho it can be a severely dangerous place to be in, if you know how to protect yourself, it can be a fun place to hang out.
"The Dark Web"
Dream Market mate ;)
"The Dark Web"
You have to acess it thro non-conventional browsers (ToR being the most famous). Its not like ebay no, its literally like the internet that you know, but imagine an internet without any kind of filter...
"The Dark Web"
Oh yes you do. 100 bucks mate.
"The Dark Web"
Dark Web is a very real place my friend. Is not a meme at all, you can literally buy this "mystery boxes" which come with random stuff inside, either random shit whos not worth anything, or full of cr...
VP not disbanding. Just 3 player change
Can any polish guy tell me where the hell is TOAO? He was by far the best igl in Poland and the one who could put up a good polish team together. I think TOAO was the same as Hampus from Sweden, no id...
OMG Gla1ve
is it just me os gla1ve has one of the most punchable faces in gaming?
[17+] condom on or raw ?
Life is way more than just surviving. Your quality of life gets severely damaged.