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Delpan in the hospital.
pasha wat?
Did NIP sacrifice their lan record for the good of csgo?
187-4 :D
Info for Fiflaren, GeT_KiT!
It was the first round of the overtime when it was 0-0. Basically they all had defuse kit, exlucing Fifflaren, it all came down to a 2vs1 in favour of nip, thing is one of these two was trying to d...
VP ghosting or calling spots!
I'd do the same, in a 4vs4 situation nip stood mid for so many time that dosia had to push long to give information to his teammates, lucky him he caught 2 in teh back
-friberg - fiflaren
whats up with these fifflaren topics? they are 87-2 on lan, stop being this stupid. Everytime a team loses two maps on lan they need a replace? Besides, fifflaren has been pretty impressive. Not...
Valete: Vampiris / Fim da ditadura Then we have regula, royal mafia, topdogs (which are crews) kova M and list goes on
FalleN is coming
friis is an excelent awper imo
1on5 (5HS)
still, they got too much talent to stay "unknown" in the pro scene
1on5 (5HS)
if this jaxen and dexen dudes play clean, I dont know how in hell they were not given a chance in a top team in poland, maybe even in ESC. Their aim, at least on teh internet is so sick, that they'd f...
two m4a1 aces demo free pm
help pls, nickname
matchmaking problem
thanks, I did it. tho i have to wait 24h to test in on a matchmaking server
Emil „HeatoN" Christensen giving insight about NiP Gaming
she wants heaton
Worst Crosshair You Can Think Of