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can't pass lvl 3 faceit..
Sometime its shit. You get bad teammates. But sometimes you get good players, add them. Queue with them. In my surf I soloQ to level 10. I only use that to play with my friends who are low level or w...
i5 4670K @ 4.6
I have the same but @ 3.40GHz. Im getting 250+ fps. More than enough for CSGO. 1080ti is overkill but if you can afford it why not.
He is in Poland to bootcamp with his team Tyloo. He is an indonesian player and is Asia's number one rn.
Global Elite = Faceit lvl ? = Esea rank ?
MM: Dmg. Faceit Level: 10.
500hz vs 1000hz
you mean coldzera?
PC settings
You need to upgrade. Start with your CPU and GPU. 4GB of RAM is sufficient. i5 4th-7th gen - This will help you get your fps to 200-300+. NVIDIA or AMD fan? >GTX 1050Ti >AMD RX470/460 Get a SSD for...
Your res, sens and DPI
1280x960 Stretched 1.9 sens 400 dpi
I guess faceit LVL
Almost 3k hrs LE Coldzera Russia. IDK
I guess your csgo hours
2000+ hrs. Faceit level 10. I quit MM long time ago.
I guess your csgo hours
LE 22 SK
How to get better?
Thanks bro. I always see him top fragging. Played once on faceit with him. Absolute beast.
How to get better?
Link for me please with his demos. I know he is an upcoming player and would like to see his demos. Site is in Cantonese so Ive no idea how to navigate. Translation doesn't seem to work.
How to get better?
Gotta pump those hours. Those are rookie hours. Join a team and play local LAN tournaments. Have you tried to get into FPL? You may not be bad also you may not be too good. You just need challenging...
fer disrespectful
What is disrespectful here?
I r8 your mouse
Zowie EC2-A