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Sick inf game, one of the best in the past few years. Every round was so intense
FURIA vs Heroic
He did good in 2 rounds, pistol and full eco with 6 kills. Completely useless player
FURIA vs Heroic
Honda is awful, he is tier3 player.
10k pugs in 4 years
2/28/2021 he played 14 pugs for one day
Is soloQ to Faceit lvl 10 possible?
100% Solo q level 9 US :) ,k/d 1.14 2k elo in 850 matches I have 1600h in the game and i suck with nades. Maybe i can go to level 10 if i learn properly utilizing nades
Best AWP/rifle hybrid?
V$m,kscerato and yurih
does mouse matters?
Yes but and it also depends how it fits in your hand. For me the best mouse is ss rival 300
OG vs FaZe
New Faze team Fallen Niko Cold FER taco I'm pretty sure this will happen
I Understood the BR Drama
Wait, faceit ac was used in this match ?
mibr out of the rio major?
They are out, perfect time for - taco +dumau and -fer +felps or just disband.
summit casting PSA
Casters are actually terrible, classic nerds
+Meyern +Felps -KNG -Taco
Easy fix - taco + dumau. Kid is next big thing from Brasil Stop playing retakes per book, it's not working. kNg is great but he is too impulsive and weak in after plants situations, same thing is wi...
Liquid vs MIBR
Just disband , fallen is fuck ignorant bot. Their pistols sucks, they are forcing every 2nd round and its easy 5:0 or 6:0 for opponents. They suck in retakes as team and trk,kng are terribale in afte...
Liquid vs MIBR
FALLEN is crazy dude, inf pick ?
Triumph vs MIBR
Casters are pathetic, obv cheering for triumph