Yes, i'm still alive.
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New phone help me
You are not from America. thats for sure. All I know is that Iphone X is biggest waste of money ever. Its so fuckin overrated.. I have this phone for free cuz I know some people but I would pay for...
r8 this girl
Her face looks like she's from horror movie. I won't rate that cuz I don't like horror movies.
I guess the color of your underwear
I always wear them. And always black/dark blue or white.
I guess the color of your underwear
HLTV always surprise me. Blue/dark blue 27 engaged
[18+] Honest opinion needed
Thats why beer sucks balls. Its really good at BBQ party if You drink one just for the taste and I like it when I watch movies with my gf. In a year I buy maybe 40 beers. I drink whisky all the t...
[18+] Honest opinion needed
I can't drink more than 2 beers cuz my belly feels full. I drink wine only in restaurants or with my gf. Whisky is the way to go. Also I hate tequilla
Ninja earns 500k/month
I think after taxes he earns around 600k-800k or more. This 500k from article is only about his twitch subs, nothing else. Now add donations, Youtube, Lumi~ Gaming, sponsorship from all of those ad...
Ninja earns 500k/month
Fortnite is waaaay faster than PUBG and because of it its not so boring. Also You can outplay Your opponent in 1000 different ways, that make this game really fun. I hated this game just because t...
Ninja earns 500k/month
He earns alot more. 202k Twitch prime and twitch subs, donations, crypto-donations, LG sponsorship, Budlight sponsorship, redbull sponsorship and more on the way. Oh, forgot about twitch bits. 5 mili...
How much this m4a4 ?
I sold awp redline mw st 4x ibp for 2k. I have the same one but with HOLO's and I have no idea how much people would like to pay for it, I feel like its dumb paying for stickers but who cares. I...
music download
Isn't 10 euro considered as cheap for You? I'm from Poland and 10 euro is nothing. Its less than 1 hour of work
music download
i buy music cuz its cheap or use Tidal
Drake is SHIT
I've been at Drake's show once and it was dope af. He did this - 0:30-0:57 LIVE and I was really damn impressed. Nothing was the same is still one of my ...
TWITCH - site for retards???
What the hell is wrong with You? Twitch is fine as a website, we just live in retarded times and retarded people are around us. Honestly, I never had chat ON, it is always OFF cuz I don't want to re...
Ninja on Twitch
182k twitch subs, not 100k. He's ex halo pro and honestly, he is kinda entertaining and really damn good at Fortnite. This game is really hyped right now and he seems to be in top3 best players in ...