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MCU Phase 4
Its not like Edward Norton has no intrest in comic book roles. He has sh!t personality and almost nobody in movie industry wants to work with him. Even tho he's great actor. I agree about Bale as Ba...
MCU Phase 4
Who exactly is "true actor" for You? Every1 of them is getting paid for doing this, They act for a living. I disagre, people wait for Dr. Strange because he will open doors for multiverse, WandaVis...
MCU Phase 4
I agree, You can't say that Marvel does the best films in general but what Marvel did with MCU is the best thing in Comic book movie history since Nolan's Batmans. My uncle is respected movie expert...
MCU Phase 4
You need to realize that for some people, its childhood dream come true to see all of those movies, characters connecting in new original way etc. Loving comic book movies doesn't make You hater of o...
MCU Phase 4
I can't wait for Dr. Strange 2, it will be most important movie of phase 4 and possibly, one of the most important movies in entire MCU franchise. Since They bought FOX and their agreement with Sony...
AWP IS OP! (not a bait thread)
Maybe You can get better at CS?
AWP IS OP! (not a bait thread)
"9 chances to miss" was the best part, after that I stopped reading. Maybe You will have 9 chances to miss at faceit lvl 6 or some silver mm.
120 hz phone
iPhone users triggered for a second. anyway, morons will still say iPhOne bestest
I've heard You asked for me. How can I help?
https://i.imgur.com/YRZYHRo.jpg ez for sterling