Yes, i'm still alive.
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I guess I was the only Polish person who was screaming with joy after second goal. I hate Germany as a country, terrible language but German football is masterpiece since loooong time. GG Germans.
I know alot of people from Polish CS scene and none of them respect stark. I've heard that few people are waiting to meet him at lan. Well, I wouldn't like to be him :v You should try to listen to h...
Well, people in my country believed that Duda (our president right now) will change things. When I told my friends that he's just a pawn, just a face and nothing else because leader of his political p...
Your goverment stopped You from using internet at 100% possibilities. If it would happen in Poland, people would cross presidential palace gates like it was made from paper. I've heard that Turkey i...
my anime list
So many chinese cartoons. DAMN How old are You ?
I'm from Poland so I don't know shit about leaders of ur country but if this Tamam wins then maybe he will do something about INTERNET censorship. gl guys
The point is that Argentina as a team is bad. Every1 thinks about Messi and that he's a god. He isn't. I'm from Poland and Lewandowski carried Poland into WC as person with most goals in Europe in q...
Not true. I guess Messi isnt into Ronaldos cock. Ronaldos cock wants to be into Messi
Your dream gf
Hot (by Your standards because every1 has different taste in woman), Smart as fk, Funny, Loyal and most important - good cook. and honestly this is my fiance. Every1 i know is telling me that I hit...
I agree with one sentence "best players can play with anybody" and I agree about Iniesta, Xavi etc. I'm not Ronaldo fanboi, not Messi fanboi aswell. I hate Ronaldo more than any1 in history of footb...
Best match at WC yet. Atleast for me. I wasn't cheering for any of those teams cuz im from Poland but damn, Croatia was amazing in second half. First half both teams played like trash. Second half f...
VIP users come here
600k ID can't be VIP cuz ur ID says u're wack
How often should you shower ?
I shower 2-4 times a day. Morning, after work, after gym and if I go out after gym I take 3 min shower again before sleep
PIRATING SITES? everything u need
I have mad respect for X. Hontestly, when I heard him first time (look at me) I was like "what the fk, another wack rapper from US like most of those with YUNG/YOUNG/LIL before actual name". Then I st...