Yes, i'm still alive.
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Players you miss
Gtr, markeloff, n0thing, shroud, snax, old vp with form from dubai for example
Thorin rekts BIG
This is actually the first time that I agree with this ginger, toxic person. Its hard to say this but somehow I agree with dumbest "csgo expert"..
r8 my fifa team
Suarez? 8/8 bait
If WW3 begins
WW 3 won't look like previous wars. Most of people here have wrong picture about all of it. In 1939 there was no internet or advanced rocket systems, bombs etc.
+1 I also like Punisher alot. It was bloody as hell and because of it, it was perfect. Also season 2 in one week.
I actually liked the game, right now its shit. Fortnite was fun because combination of building, aiming was really hard. After time I was really good at it (5.9+k/d, 32% solo win ratio). Right now F...
Have You been in Auschwitz? If You havn't, You should see this place, those pictures and hear those stories. Everytime I ask my grandmother about war she's telling me a new story and its worse than p...
When I see topics like this, I would love admins posting Your IP/mac adress. I just wonder how long it would take to other HLTV members find You and kick u in the face once or twice
fav streamer?
Its not like that. I'm 27 yo and I don't understand why people would watch some streamer for 4 hours or something. I know a guy who's watching some weird ass streamer (xqcs or something). That guy i...
fav streamer?
NINJA AND DR DISRESCPECT HIS WIFE. I'm kiddin'. I don't really watch streamers, its kinda waste of time for me. I would rather spent time with my family, go to the gym, go to the cinema, play footba...
Bieber was a meme when he released "baby". He's actually good singer right now. I don't listen to the guy on daily basis but I don't skip his songs when I drive my car and he's in the radio.
listening right now? One of the best rappers right now, probably #3 rap music videos i've ever seen. Great lyrics, but its Joyner so not surprised. Its about real story, no f...
roast me
Have a nice day.
[+18] RATE ME
Let me be honest, Im much older than You and I think I can give u some tips. You need to gain some fat, lets say 5kg more. Go to the gym, if You don't like it - go swimming 3 times a week. You will ...
[+18] RATE ME
No offence dude but You make 18+ topic while You're 15-16 yo...