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your gym time?
I'll just speak european timezone language. I love go to swimming early in the morning, before work. Gym late night, I just came back home.
I know what it is and I own this thing, What I meant is that if I have the time, I always try to do something challenging and takes alot of time in the kitchen. Sous vide is simple but I agree - perfe...
Well, You're lazy cook :D I do quick food when im tired after work and my fiance is still at work but when its saturday/sunday then I like to take some time in my kitchen and make something that tak...
Good bolognese need alot of time on really small heat. Trust me, I've tried alot of bolognese in restaurants, my friends house or some quick recipes and those are mostly garbage. I perfected my bolog...
Well, thats why HLTV needs more admins. Jonathan E. is probably cooking alot recently and he doesn't have time to ban racist people and delete stupid topics. Btw, gimme some of your favorite recipes...
When I was 18 yo all I could do was simple sandwich, I am 28 now and I love cooking. I always cook when my family is visiting or even when I am visiting my parents. Some of my male friends think th...
Is ZywOo cheating?
I've seen it at 0.25 speed and it doesn't look like aimlock for me. You can't rly know if that wasn't mouse lifting. Tbh I've checked my own pov's while ago and every second game I could find somet...
Is ZywOo cheating?
There is nothing fishy in this clip, not a single thing. I love when silvers go for witch-hunt mission.
Air Pods Pro <3
Yes, new ones. All I care about is quality so I rather have a wired headphones with amazing sound quality than some "wireless air pods" with shitty quality. I am sure that I can buy better sound qu...
Air Pods Pro <3
I'm not even sure if You're trolling or not. My cousin is huge "iphone fan" and I've tested those airpods and music quality is 5/10, nothing else. I love listening to music and I wouldn't pay a sin...
Streamer with huge ego
Well, "noname" calling some1 "noname", whats new?
Joker Movie
I did, twice. Honestly it is the best movie I've seen in last few years. I've seen it with few friends who have no idea about comic books or anything like that and They loved it. Movie is so perfe...
This game is so trash
Well, not so good when I try to finish my "blocking dmg" missions and artilery farm me all day long.
This game is so trash
Well, thats actually what I did.
60 or 144hz?
You can't go back from 144hz to 60. I mean, difference is so huge that You will never go back. I parents have 60hz monitor and when I visit them it feels like the slideshow. Everything feels laggy.