Yes, i'm still alive.
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Because Valve anti-cheat is trash. People cheat in Fortnite too but I played against aim botter only once or twice and I play since march
r8 my frist car
Dude, this car was a beast. I drove all around Poland with this car with my gf and friends. I did 45,000 km's in 13 months and I sold it :< Best part about first car is that You bought it for Your ow...
Maybe stats are funny but he's not a player, he's a coach. He gets paid for his knowledge, ideas etc. Its like surgeon ask cleaning lady to do kidney transplant.
r8 my frist car
Nice. My first car was Ford Mondeo mk3 combi(2005). I bought him like 9 years ago, sold after 1 year and I miss this car to this day :|
Thats weird. In last 12 months I played CS for 15 hours, no more than that. I discovered that wingman is actually a thing in CS right now so me and my friend decided to play. He's also retired from...
school = prison?
Only if You know what to take, what amount of it and still use your brain. I know people who lost control about it and They lost everything. Money, family, house, freedom and some of them life.
school = prison?
Welcome to life. School isnt prison. Its funny how people in school feel like this is hardest part of life. Maybe it is but only at this moment. After school You'll have to study for next few years...
They are already better than US. Some good quality stuff right here.
100 years Polska
Yeah, Sweden is known for fighting KAPPA. WW2 is best example of that. TrueKAPPA warriors. No offence but You're losing Your country right now as we speak.
Polish president
This is how stupid HLTV is, this site is full of 16 yo kids who just love to post hate comments etc. The guy who created this topic is baiting and look how many people took the bait. I hope some sm...
Owner of de_tuscan (i mean, person who made the map at the first place) said that he wants to give all of the rights to Valve. It was actually long time ago. After he made CS:GO tuscan in 2015, he sai...
I said mirage by mistake. I meant tuscan
Mouse Choice
Rival 600. But those are my favourites so not sure if You gonna like em.
Mouse Choice
My friend is testing gaming gear for a living and because of it I used like 100 mouses in last 3 years. Still finalmouse beats them all. I love everything about this mouse.
They need to stop releasing fake news. 2015 - de_mirage "soon". 2019 (almost) - still nothing. Beeing CSGO employee is dream job. You don't do sh!t and You get paid.