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top3 mouse u played with
just read now that is just top3, my bad.
top3 mouse u played with
1. roccat kone pure owl eye 2. zowie ec2b 3. logitech g900 4. logitech g pro 5. evga torq x5 6. intellimouse explorer 3.0 7. logitech mx300 8. steelseries kinzu 9. razer deathadder 2013 (i always hate...
-dupreeh +suNny, - gla1ve +flusha
yes, make changes in the best team of the csgo history. worst b8 ever.
same lol.
S1mple was amazing in 2014
lol. old news and s1mple still are the goat. don't fuck with ma boy sasha!
Best haircut?
First you need to send a picture of your hair. If you have a nigga hair, we will need to send you nigga haircuts and etc.
device from NA???
How to find a gf
>stop looking for. >just live your life, workout, do what you want, do a lot of things that make you happy, save money. >someone will appears in your life, in your work, in your school, in your daily ...
are traps gay?
No, they are angels without wings. [] topic
Brazil ruined
S1mple cocky lol
>he won 2 mvp medals in tournaments he lost. >he won #1 best player of the world, when dev1ce team win all the events they played. >he never said that, but p1mple can say anything he want, he is the G...
As a MiBR fan, I confess
The only fix who will work is: -fallen +kng -taco or fer +kscerato felps to become entry, coldzera to become IGL/support. kNg to become awp and kscerato to become lurker and taco or fer will become th...
1990-1998 kids come
0-5 means nothing
There is No Way bro. NTC! :'( mibr easy fix: -fallen +kng -felps +kscerato coldzera IGL easy #1 of 2019
if MIBR go 0-5 at BLAST Sao Paulo
Are you a prophet or someone else?