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"Envy can't win without Rek9"
When Fnatic and EnVy looks to be a tier above them, then yes they are tier 2.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
Funny because pros actually hold him in very high regard, but I guess you know everything about this.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
Nothing to do but agree to disagree, obviously the perfect scenario is just have all three at the desk.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
That's very true, Hiko brings knowledge to the table that Thorin doesn't have, however for historical context and the broader picture no one matches up to Thorin.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
Okay, please back up that statement, why does Thorin not know anything about the game?
TOP1 player from each country
Seems pretty fair, maybe one of the Fnatic players are better than GTR at this moment but GTR has so much history of being amazing that it's really hard to usurp him.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
Oh dear god yes, I understand why ESL doesn't hire Thorin for Katowice, but no analysts desk for CS:GO is up to par if he isn't there imo. He's just an essential part of the CS community.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
it's mostly the leftovers from the 1.6/source days I think.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
I disagree, Fifflaren can definitely dish out his part of the banter, I think him and Thorin wordked amazingly well at MLG.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
I love it, add in Fifflaren and lurrpis it would be amazing imo.
NiP so funny
I haven't had the time to catch his latest videos, I'll listen to that during the coming week cheers :)
csgo tactical teams
Titan and Na'Vi. Thorin gives better insight on the tactical aspect of CS:GO than I can.
NiP so funny
Please expand on that.
You're an idiot.
Best anthem in the world?
A lot of bad can and should be said about the USSR but you can't put a finger on their national anthem, it's just awesome.