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PGL Asia Minor talent revealed
So because you're ignorant he can't have any experience? What a pretentious worldview to have.
COLON and minet return in TANTRUM
You mean players like Xyp9x, Snax, Olofmeister, JW, Fallen, f0rest, Karrigan, Allu, Kioshima and so on, plenty of players have their roots in 1.6.
COLON and minet return in TANTRUM
None of those players are legends, they decent to good players back in the day, Minet in particular, but none of them accomplished enough to give them legend status.
Astralis win the ELEAGUE Major!
You realize Device was the 3rd best player of 2016?
DHS with $8,4k BYOC tournament
Would you say DH Winter and Summer still are "lanparties" first and foremost, or has it pivoted to being tournaments?
DHS with $8,4k BYOC tournament
It's most likely mainly to support the Swedish amateur scene (and to some extent the rest of Scandinavia).
ELEAGUE Major rookies
Not quite...
ESL Pro League group draw
They haven't proven they could so far :D
ESL Pro League group draw
They can't beat anyone in a semi :D
ESL Pro League group draw
How much do you wanne bet they get paired with EnVy in the semi because they lose to either VP or Na'Vi in the group stage?
Titan, GPlay invited to GA 2015
How the hell do you tier the teams?
"Envy can't win without Rek9"
When Fnatic and EnVy looks to be a tier above them, then yes they are tier 2.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
Funny because pros actually hold him in very high regard, but I guess you know everything about this.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
Nothing to do but agree to disagree, obviously the perfect scenario is just have all three at the desk.
sirscoots thorin richard lewis
That's very true, Hiko brings knowledge to the table that Thorin doesn't have, however for historical context and the broader picture no one matches up to Thorin.