You can build one hundred bridges and suck once, and you will still be remembered as a cocksucker, not the bridge builder.
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Putin attacks America's exceptionalism
Honestly, knowing the situation in both Russia and America, I can totally say most of you guys are brainwashed. Maybe that's because you know what Putin does outside his country, like how he acted whe...
Why is he a NiP fanboy? They just lost their first game ever, that surely means they're dethroned?
Rape - what would you do?
had pleasure reading this
Rape - what would you do?
overacting actually :)
Rape - what would you do?
The dog that barks doesn't bite, words are the weapon in this situation. Defence is violence, don't do that. Change the gym, running doesn't mean you're weak, viceversa, you're wise enough to not conf...
Does Russian sounds like Portuguese?
Nope, it's not even close. Russian is in the slavonic language group, Portuguese is in the roman (or whatever it is called).
lurppis is playing CSP NOW!!
why do you keep acting like a moron
-60ºC at Russia
Of course you've chosen the coldest place in Russia, Siberia or something
paistit vs KerchNET
z1 motm, no doubt
Navi so low at GO?
ESC were low in 1.6, gimme their achievments before 2000? oh, no achievments? :(
Best Dj for u
I'd love too see Above&Beyond much higher. And Avicii doesn't deserve top3, he doesn't even have his artist album. Even though the list is shitty, I prefer Armin than Guetta.
Best Dj for u
I know Harris does much pop stuff, e.g. the track with Rihanna. And I really don't like it. Same goes with Guetta, but he still does much live shows, though there are some doubts about his socalled 'l...
Cadred CS:GO
you must be kidding me, their articles have 10< comments
Are you Posi+ivE's brother?