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lesbian parents murder their 6 adopted children
Sad world we live in.
dark souls 2
scholar is the remastered version, it has better graphics, one additional boss in the main story plus contains all dlcs, it also adjusts some enemies and item locations
That roster was a joke that only did good in 2,5 tournaments lol
gla1ve autrian snake
A muslim
Bad groups
Talking about LAN groupstage obviously
NIKO is worse
'and said that there may be some team using it' He literally said the opposite, he said they ARE 100% using it. Only after he got called out for this and felt stupid he stated that they 'might' not u...
The NiKo-Astralis topic
'FaZe has a bigger chance in this' 'Calls them underdog' And you said you are using LOGIC AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dude, just admit that you are some lowlife who is NOT ONLY ASHAMED TO SHOW HIS REAL FLAG,...
The NiKo-Astralis topic
The NiKo-Astralis topic
'And also he didn't throw any dirt on their name' Yeah accusing them of using a bug isnt throwing any dirt at all. God I swear all NiKo fans are low iq subhumans...
VP are subhumans, they deserve no respect.
s1mples firt cheating ban not permanent
Retards also forget that because of his ban his team got disqualified from EMS Katowice qualifier and then also had to play with stand-in on every major in 2015.
TOP 5 Clutchers in 2k18
As if being top5 means something when you lose to nrg and other trash teams.
TOP 5 Clutchers in 2k18
starseries tier1 tournament XD