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Rate my favourite songs
not bad, tbh, even tho MCR have some better music. i'll share one that's not in the favourite list, but it's what i'm listening now.
Windigo vs MIBR
can't win vs Windigo, will beat who? ffs
ESL Brazil (toilet room)
The decision related to country, venue, date, requirements, etc for the championship, all came from ESL. Brazil has nothing to do with this. If the infrastructure is not enough, so why the fuck they...
[NA ONLY] What if your favorite NFL team?
sorry dude, but you are fighting for a lost cause. hltv is full of dumbasses, just start ignoring 'em and be happy. enjoy the news and coverages, that's all this crappy community has to offer. rega...
this is why we hate brazil
the point is, do you have to always be pissed about something? grow the fuck up and just let people be happy the way they want. if you want to paint a target in your ass, being the bullseye your shi...
actually, his post makes some sense. it gets pretty boring watching the exact same teams play the exact same maps over and over again. i'm sure the viewers number won't reach even 300k. less majors...
2014... wow.
Brazil Threads
please, share with us a picture of your face and i'll do the same, let's see who looks like a monkey. :)
[AMA] Insulted a refugee in my school
i dunno if your stupidity is sad or funny. anyway, you are a twat.
LG should move to Portugal
well, how dumb can you be? are you really trying to explain something you don't have any clue about? ffs. here are the laws related to work in Brazil.
LG should move to Portugal
sir, excuse me, but you are brainless.
Do you believe in God?
something like this.
Fallen and his problems
OP, after 5 seconds thinking about what you wrote, I came across two conclusions: 1 - you are dumb. 2 - you are dumb and has no more than 15 years. pick one until juny.