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S1mple vs Device
There's only going to be Dane's voting for Ebolai Reedtz, useless vote
Scandinavian girls, act of terrorism
I think that's his point. I'm seeing people being outraged and disgusted by this news, to the point it's a hot topic people won't stop talking about. Yet hundreds of children and women getting slaught...
POLL: Where karrigan should go??
Pros You’ve Played Against?
Ksharp, method, shaguar, hiko, Moses, hare, frod, dboorn, ryx, irukandji, zet, fallen, nothing, I'm sure I'm forgetting tons. Been a while. In DM too many to count
Krimz FaZe
The fact you think homophobia is a flex is straight up xD. Fucking pussy, fuck off
Krimz FaZe
I'd ruin you with 1 arm. If that.
Krimz FaZe
Haha, you're actually so stupid you aren't making any sense. How on earth did you bring PC into this? xD raging teenage nerds with the mental capacity of a dog. Never change hltv
He doesn't want to be forced into that role, but often times he prefers getting a rifle to an awp and vice versa. You can't realistically do that as the primary awper. Op makes good point, if s1mple...
Krimz FaZe
You need to get back to school and pay attention to sentence formatting again. Christ, I've never had such a hard time reading a stupid reply from a retard before, and that's a really low bar standard...
Krimz FaZe
Triggered. Decrease your sodium levels, your saltiness is frightening. Fnatic has been straight up awful after the first 3 months of this year. Facts.
Was he born 300 years ago? Use your brain ffs, your name ancestory =/= gene majority Sharapova is a derivative of sharipova, does that make Maria Sharapova an Uzbek Muslim with her blonde hair and g...
Krimz FaZe
80iq reply, thanks for attempting though. Newfags smh
Krimz FaZe
They won 1 map against an off looking astralis and you think that means they're doing good? rofl Fnatic name brand is one of the most known in esports. The fact they're even resorting to t3 tournamen...
Krimz FaZe
Good? Lmao they are attending tier 3 tournaments because they couldn't even qualify to a single tier 1 event, and aren't being invited to the tier 2 ones either. Christ fans can be delusional
NaVi pls
Honestly zues can go fuck himself too at this point. It's not his inability to call strats and lead, and not even the fact he's an utter bot that runs throug chokepoints with his knife out like a fuck...