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Top5 braindead pros
False list without botward
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Elige hitting the most random sprays this game
Navi gonna beat liquid
If they win inferno yeah they win. But inferno is pretty strong for liquid too, and s1mple isn't playing awful or anything but not his godly usual self either for sure
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Lul liquid, let's rush s1mple mid when he's awping.
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Nitro walks through smoke with an awp like a moron before his teammates arrive and catches s1mple off guard. Lul
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Love the adjustment from navi to sit electronic and s1mple together. 2 gods on 1 side of the table
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Liquid fags robbing s1mple of frags by saving erryround
They probably will, but for an Astralis fan to call faze chokers is pretty ironic lul
Niko S1mple Debate
s1mple had the best stats last year too, just no achievements. No idea what you're on about. If you weren't so new, you'd remember s1mple dominating teams solo even when he was in HR. NiKo didn't achi...
s1mple > NiKo >>>>> coldzera
Id 1002637 Signed up 2018-02-22 Id 204085 Signed up 2009-11-27 You def a newfag toiletto, this isn't even my first account
s1mple > NiKo >>>>> coldzera
Given that they are likely to get at least another top2 finish this event, I beg to differ. They have had the most consistent results of any top team atm. Compare that to Astralis for example, who hav...
s1mple > NiKo >>>>> coldzera
Lmao how is that relevant, I have 3 citizenships so my flag is accurate. Not to mention when this site just opened people weren't concerned with their flags and I never bothered to update mine. I'm no...
s1mple > NiKo >>>>> coldzera
Lul, niko farmed stats vs trash teams - and can barely keep a 1.0 rating against s1mple. Nt curry sniffer
s1mple > NiKo >>>>> coldzera
You are shifting, the question was what have they won since 2016, I provided the answer. Prove me wrong
s1mple > NiKo >>>>> coldzera
Listen fucktwat, you tried to be clever saying that Na'Vi hadn't won anything implying that makes them bad. I proved you wrong, so now you try to diminish that achievement by saying its a weak tourney...