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khabib vs conor mcgregor
Khabib open ring take-down game is garbage. He gets his takedowns from smothering people against the cage with his relentless ethic. He's awful at setting up over unders, and Conor has the best footwo...
s1mple not #1 2018 yet
Anything is possible, but it's nigh impossible at this point
s1mple fans are so delusional
Lul ksharp on list and no spawn either not to mention shox lmao
2x4 vs 1x8
It's better, but if you have the option to get another 8 later down the road it might not be.
electronic awp?
I mean he's super young, and plays with s1mple (who I'm sure he looks up to) so he may very well could be down the road.
C9 Cromen C9 Golden
C9 Espiranto
Rain benched - Report
Outside of bait, this was the group of death - doesn't really say much. 4 of the best 5 teams were in this group (lulquid random af). Either way didn't look like they had much for Ast and Na'Vi though...
Niko or dev1ce? TOP 3 ATM
Why would you believe that? Device is a 1.25 avg rating player for LAN 2018. Yet you think he will post close to a 1.57 rating vs the 3 best teams in the world? Also it's well within your right to hav...
Niko or dev1ce? TOP 3 ATM
Ast was in a garbage group, there is no way he is going to maintain close to that rating vs Mouz/Faze or Na'Vi. Remember that he only played 4 maps, vs trash9 and Lulquid and he isn't exactly known f...
lul plz olof is probably better than washedupzera at this point
korean #1
No. Weeb.
Putin going to USA
If you're too retarded to understand what an achievement it is to see where ur country is at right now based on what it was in the 90s, don't even voice your opinion. Secondly go to school, and you ...
Pretty much correct.
My father put Lukashenko into power, how mad lul?
Morrowind > Skyrim
Witcher 3 easy