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is BOLTZ really brazilian?
Seems like this generation of CSGO players ignores healthy lifestyles and goes straight for the hot pockets and mountain dew. I remember when CGS(wow that sounds so weird right now) was around the pla...
methodone, water, a ton of ice packs, a dvd of ghostbusters, and 1 dose of shrooms.
You vegetarian?
You dont like burgers?
Astralis so fucking shitty
astralis is ranked best team in the world.
jennifer lawrence face = 2/10
You even said it, 'She's famous'.
snax mouse
Fer disrespect
Liveleak has taught me to only go to Tourist traps or else you risk getting your shit stolen or into a weird altercation that leads to you getting stabbed.
Fer disrespect
Man, you guys would tear me apart if I asked you who the hell Cristiano Ronaldo was
Fer disrespect
Seems legit, how does one join a characters only dance group? It's like a low budget favela disney.
Fer disrespect
What other interests are there in Brazil?
Fer disrespect
Soccer is literally the only interest in Brazil other than CSGO right?
Should Hiko retire?
Bad for a team that wants to succeed. Often enough teams let one player weigh them down without actually realizing he might be the problem, not to say that he is in Liquids case, but I just haven't se...
Should Hiko retire?
I'd say give him 6 months, if he doesn't improve he'll retire. He's been in a skill decline since October. Maybe he needs to find a new role or reevaluate his practice.
Most hated players from your country?
read his tweets and comments on them. hes very hated.