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Indian national living in Singapore. Working in the gaming industry. Ex CS 1.6 player (2005-2012).

I don't play CSGO, but I like watching games and following the international scene in general.

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Forum posts
AVANGAR vs fnatic
ez for major finalists Avangar!
Astralis vs ENCE
1-7 to 15-8, ez4ence.
fnatic vs HellRaisers
Utter garbage CS being played on both sides.
r8 redhead cutie
redheads <3
MIRAA Read this
You're not one of the news writers on the website, so it's cool. Makes no difference who else reads it or not.
Tilting a pro female team
fnatic vs Astralis
If fnatic can't get 2nd pistol, it's GG. Astralis will crush them on CT. Edit : It's GG. fnatic won't get more than 2 rounds on T side.
Me too. Love the taste of these salty NA tears. GO BIG!!
BIG vs Cloud9
I'm now firmly on the BIG hype-train. Let the hate flow through you, plebs.
NiP vs Cloud9
And it was 4-10 before that, if you want to emphasize the gap.
NiP vs Cloud9
4-10 to 16-10, RIP NIP.
Dignitas vs Vega Squadron
I'm not blaming the system. The system is fine. I'm just saying Dignitas will be at the major mostly due to luck.
Dignitas vs Vega Squadron
Renegades is statistically the worst team ever at swiss format major qualifiers. 3 major qualifiers... 2 games won out of 11 played till date. Dignitas couldn't have been luckier.
Dignitas vs Vega Squadron
"a bit" lucky? You couldn't name a set of 3 weaker teams than that. (Renegades and Tyloo are the same level) Meanwhile, the two teams that beat Dignitas might both go out. Godsent are out already, HR...
Dignitas vs Vega Squadron
Dignitas are going to reach the major by beating out Tengri, Renegades and Vega Squadron. Rather than see that bullshit happen, I'd much rather see Vega pull an upset win here. Either team is gonna ge...