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cheaters in mm
lmao, faceit is full of cheaters too
Ukranian plane shot down.
Paeditinau, my bad :D
Ukranian plane shot down.
Its not only that. the timing, the location, the target.
Ukranian plane shot down.
anyone, who think this has nothing to do with Iran-USA conflict is stupid. Brainwashing is working apparently
i5-9600K users come [FPS issues]
r5 3600 for the price is better. Its really stupid to buy intel unless you need these 5% better single core performance xD
RX 5700 Drivers
What do you mean by saying random textures? :D
wtf faceit?
Lol youre not the first one saying this haha. Premium fc is cancer. Every player in prem think they are pro. Baiting is on another level, every round lasts exactly 2mins. Once you get premium, you ...
s1mple top4 HAHAHAH
U so tilted bro
3100 elo with 60hz
I dont believe anyone can get up to 3k elo regardless of their gear xD i had problems getting to 2.2k just by solo qing and it took me over a year and i averaged 34 kills during last 15 games. Im conv...
dev1ce awping on 1.6
Not sure where do you play but i often see people doing it
5700 elo on faceit
wasnt it zehn or xseven with 7k+ elo? Im sure there was some euro guys with mad stats constantly playing with a stack
[18+] (logical) NERF THE KRIEG
I agree with this men
[18+] (logical) NERF THE KRIEG
I see so many people asking to make it less accurate when unscoped but that is so stupid. Its a t sided weapon, which T's use to open up sites. Most of the time people use it, when its unscoped. I rar...
[18+] (logical) NERF THE KRIEG
I only see few options on how to "nerf" it. Either reduce accuracy. But if you do reduce accuracy significantly the weapon will loose its value over ak and people wont pay extra $ just for the scope....
[18+] (logical) NERF THE KRIEG
Making sg spray pattern significantly more difficult would solve the problem. The way it is now is too unfair.