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swag unban after major?
Whats wrong with swag haha :D any news how dboorn is doing with his gf these days? xD
GPU + CPU [ 250+ fps - 5on5 ]
2500k is almost 50% faster thank your i5 7200u xD i doubt that u ever get 150fps too xD maybe 150 max
s1mple fans come here
If he fails to carry 2 games out of 10, does it make him a bad player? Guy gets 25k each game bruh. dev1ce is better team player, s1mple is more skilled individually. /close
Albanian gang in Uk
very high iq music
Why Ukraine exists today
Ukraine exists cuz of s1mple
u never gonna see some polish guy or typical brit carrying a knife and stabbing people like this. but these muslims and some black people are called rasists??? thats just insane where tolerance to the...
MVP PK vs CyberZen
holy shit brah, you must be so rich now. i wish i could have a knife =(
G-eazy arrested in sweden
Gamora, kodak, wutang, eminem, 2pac, ice. Everything else is irrelevant.
Best aimers and no one is mentioning scream. Maybe he’s not the best, but he’s deffinitely among the best.
144hz Monitors
I highly suggest to not to take this guy's ^ advice seriously. Thank me later
Help me to choose Xeon
expert here we have xD
Help me to choose Xeon
Xeon and gaming dont go together well? What do u mean m8? Did you had one before?
new pc =)
-5 iq comment
Ty Valve
I will reprat myself again - tgey need to make passport/id verified queue which would need to match details on original payment method when buying game/prime account and allow players to verify their ...
16:9 to 4:3
use 4:3 if u get little fps. 4:3 bb does not make any sense cuz its basically the, same as 16:9 with more narrow point of view. not sure why wouly you want that, UNLESS youre used to such res from 1.5...