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you are disgoesting sry, sry for insultes
Top 10 Finnish players of all time
i would rank contE much higher, could win games all by himself ...
fk pak ppls .
Make this man admin pls HAHA
Girl Q
C Ronaldo Humiliating professional players
this comment wins the thread
C Ronaldo Humiliating professional players
I'm not saying it's bad that Barça helped him with his hormone problem, I'm just wondering what would have happened when all of this didn't happen :D I'm glad for him (and for the football community) ...
C Ronaldo Humiliating professional players
You are right, he doesn't have to leave that team. But like I said, I would like to see if he is able to reach the same stats in a team like Bayern, Chelsea or AC Milan. They arent an "oiled machine" ...
C Ronaldo Humiliating professional players
(before you read my text below, I'm a Messi fan) I honestly think that CR7 is the more complete player than Messi. Messi won't use his weaker foot, his heading ability isnt really good aswell. CR7 is...
"Do you want fries with that?"
inb4 ban
What do you do for living?
suddenly the whole community members are future Einsteins ... I'm working as an Passenger Screening Officer @ Brussels Airport
Most beautiful clan tag
MJAOMODE's cat tag was pretty funny
Pros with weird aim style
so you first say neo is playing safe and doesnt risk anything and after that you enjoy watching neo because he's an agressive player?
Favourite .gif
you are one sick motherfucker
Favourite .gif left one is Steven Defour from Porto and the black guy is Mbokani from Anderlecht :p