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In Italy and I have questions.
I think he means over using a drying machine.
In Italy and I have questions.
1. As long as you are understandable it's fine and often the effort is appreciated 2. Italy is much worse than Northern Europe. I think mostly it's because it's still relatively cheap there. 3. As s...
Faceit problems
Try to launch the game through Steam yourself and c/p the IP into console, instead of using the PLAY button.
faceit question
That's strange, since you need to play at least 3 matches to be played. Send support a ticket and they can help you.
FACEIT- PGL Qualifier
GPLAY provided sufficient proof to us (and also various other leagues) to allow him to play.
Yeah, fastweb at home and also at the office I think (100/100 at the office, which you can get as a company only afaik).
I'm in Milan and my internet is pretty good. Though then again as you said, outside the cities, especially more to the south it'll be bad.
FaceIT admins are scumbags!
Hey guys, I want to clear up some misunderstandings that have seem to arrive for some reason! First of all, the FACEIT League, including the closed qualifiers, is ran by a team different than th...
With FACEIT we've done quite some events for partners (ASUS for example) with shoot-outs with pro gamers (Stermy for FPS, some LoL players) at events like Comic Con in Lucca and Milan Games Week. Ther...
faceit site doesnt work, help pls
Hey, we're aware of this issue for some of our users. We're currently looking into a fix!
Faceit PUGS/Premium.
Hey Antir, It's true we have had a looot of new users since our LAN Finals and it had its impact on the platform (a lot of users had a whitepage, for example - which should be fixed now). We're...
Faceit finals > VOD
All the vods are here:
You can earn premium in our free ladder, with which you can get into the premium ladders after.
We also have a server sided anti cheat. If you feel there is still a cheater in your match, simply call an admin and they will spec the match. cheater cought with nice trigger
He has actually banned that same day.