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Steelseries 6Gv2 Red Switches
Zowie EC2-A (benq edition)
Sennheiser Game One White
Zowie GSR (benq edition)

own pretty much every Steelseries and Zowie item sold if you need advice or info on a certain product give me a message.

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HLTV pc monitor experts come here
Display Port is superior.
HLTV admins wtf??
i've been here for nearly 10 years ;) Here's an article i wrote a while back before Neo/Taz were on VP in cs1.6
HLTV admins wtf??
If two people commit two separate murders. 1st guy is caught within 1hr 2nd guy is caught within 2hrs is the 2nd guy less guilty?
Is it winter in Australia?
eheh winter here,
Buying Rolex
If you are going to buy any watch Rolex is the right choice. They consistently hold value and eventually could turn a profit unlike pretty much any other brand.
Think they are custom No brandings anywhere and the mic mute controller looks super generic. It's just mute/unmute no volume or even design features.
[18+] Is Computer Science overrated?
If you're good at what do you can be successful at anything.
Yam Turkish???
yes, he is fluent
8700k vs 9700k
both are pretty close, there is a massive jump to 9900k tho. it may only be $100 more, but also consider the extra $$$ for a z390 vs z370 motherboard. i'd get 8700k if i had to choose right now
New PC
the 8350k could be good, but its not quite there. If you only play CSGO or older games, it will be better than 8400 It wont be as good as 8400 as newer games come out it's a k series processor so wil...
Australia COME NOW
Saturday was pretty good, but you will LOVE sunday!
Thorin ESL bitchboy
"because he talks about esl as a flawless company now" from a player standpoint playing the tournaments, they are as close to flawless as you can get. Obviously they have issues with spectators / inf...
Intel grand slam money
The logical thing to do would be: Each Major Win is worth 250k (4 wins) Each Player gets 50k (5x50k) Count how many wins each player had Then Org takes their cut if they do?
144hz Cable
If your Graphics Card has DisplayPort , you should use that, it's superior to DVI-D
800K BUYOUT !!
to answer your questions: A Small buyout can attract poaches. Similar to the speculated "s1mple contract" with NaVi. If you set it too low another team can offer that exact amount and if the player w...