Current Equipment in use

Steelseries 6Gv2 Red Switches
Zowie EC2-A (benq edition)
Sennheiser Game One White
Zowie GSR (benq edition)

own pretty much every Steelseries and Zowie item sold if you need advice or info on a certain product give me a message.

Please use the "Write Message" - function, as unfortunately, i don't get 'warnings' when people write on my guest-book, and i don't actively check my guest-book.

Forum posts
paste screenshot of donation or lifeban
Skadoodle Next Team?
75 of those are Warhammer 10 of those are pubg 16 are actually CSGO
his reach is uncontrollable, he even has a site in Australia :
GTX 970 and Asus 144hz displayport
Easy google. Both are version 1.2 - use any cable 1.2 or higher. All DP versions support 1080p @ 144
OpTic vs Renegades
this match wont be played.
Renegades vs OpTic
this match wont be played.
Gun control in Australia
The gun laws here dont do anything for Crime, Criminals will always exist in all countries, but it does stop kids/normal people from buying ridiculously overpowered rifles for no reason, which in tur...
AK 47 how much ?
Depends on State, in Colorado you can buy full auto if your 21 and pass the background test... here's a video
R8 my Outfit
whos paying $800 for zebra's
Immortals new line-up
You are allowed to make roster changes... NAF played for Optic in week 1 and now plays for us (Renegades)
TyLoo @ IEM Qualifier
i dont think Tyloo are playing this qual :(
win7 format
You could install windows and the programs you will always require (drivers, steam, teamspeak etc) then do a backup. When it's time to do your reset process simply plug in the USB drive and restore th...
Wrong veto process??
I havent seen the article, but i think high seed can choose to ban first or second
spotify "bind" ?
you can download AutoHotKey (basic program) then google the specific line you need for spotify. I used to have CTRL+arrow keys to for Play/Stop/NextTrack/PreviousTrack found it https://autohotke...
SK Gaming forced to use Razer headsets?
It's not that big of a deal 1. It's just headphones 2. Official online games they can use whatever they want since nobody can see them. When they stream they will be using Razer but it doesnt real...