Current Equipment in use

Steelseries 6Gv2 Red Switches
Zowie EC2-A (benq edition)
Sennheiser Game One White
Zowie GSR (benq edition)

own pretty much every Steelseries and Zowie item sold if you need advice or info on a certain product give me a message.

Please use the "Write Message" - function, as unfortunately, i don't get 'warnings' when people write on my guest-book, and i don't actively check my guest-book.

Forum posts
If ONE or Triumph win the TieBreakers, EXTREMUM will qualify automatically (as ONE/TRI wont have enough RMR points to overtake them regardless of 5th place match) If EG win the TieBreakers, they will...
Reset this PC
if you have the time, i'd do a secure one. But if you are just selling to a friend or someone not that advanced the normal will be fine. It's still difficult recover, it's not like they can just clic...
Reset this PC
normal wipe (format) just deletes the data. secure wipe deletes the data and replaces it with 0's . Usually 7 cycles of writing over the data is the best option, but you can do less. It's done becaus...
Reset this PC
if you do the fastest option (just delete my files) and not the longer version (secure wipe) should take 45mins or so. Could be longer if you have a lot of harddrives/Files/Slow CPU
jks emotions
I'll comment just this one time. I've known Justin for over 15 years, he smiles A LOT outside of the game. During the game he is focused until the game is over.
topguN HLTV Profile - improvement
Thankyou Razarza very cool.
zyzz played cs, he was one of us
Australia WTF
sometimes u just get got
Xantares Twitch
I think there is precedence if the person is not a 'main character' on the stream it is allowed.
stanislaw tweet
maybe Daps to EG as coach
g2 system
If they go to Overwatch it can work, since its 6 person team.
Gambit interz
In my experience, what the viewer see's is less than 50% of what goes on in a team. It's impossible to speculate his worth based on watching the matches only. it's fun sure, but its pointless
Best snack for CS
besides banana, i liked pretzel snacks, not as greasy on your gear
20000 likes and i'll bring back Vox