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OpTic Unfair?
sk imt renegades c9 liquid clg can give optic a hard time of course
FeelsBad for s1mple
s1mple in liquid was the best s1mple.. they basically needed each other.
floyd is lucky
lmao floyd was toying with him from round1 hahaha it wasn't even a fight for him he didnt slip/counter no punches in the beginning.. floyd fought andre berto with more respect then connor.. u people a...
Mayweather vs McGregor
how brain dead can you be to think connor has a chance lol...
Oskar too good for Mouz
kennys is the fastest awper but idk oskar is starting to look like the best awper in this game
s1mple's aim
true but i feel he disregards it a lot more then the others highsensers like elige f0rest, hiko and edward
s1mple's aim
s1mple is a weird player i have to admit i can tell its him from not even watching the name below he has a "bad" playing style sometimes he even looks at the floor (freakazoid called him out on that) ...
Hey u shit player get to know cs .. North is better then fnatic yet they lost to HR .U don't know shit of cs ur flags sure tells me that.a total of 1 player in the international scene finland without ...
on lan hellraisers can takeout fnatic the playing better cs overall thats all im saying .. fnatic dropped a notch a two and it seems like they havnt figured it out yet.. while HR are on a high right n...
online hellraisers are better then fnatic at the moment don't be living in the past people improve daily. G2 last month they looked like shit, this month around they look OP.who's in better form right...
-shroud +relyks
shrouds skill is better then skyler ..i think c9 just needs more time now that skadoodle is taking heads off with the awp again.
hellraisers is better then fnatic right now.. if fnatic would make it to quarter finals u would think its okay? i fucking hate this dying site
CLG is actually playing a high level of cs right now.. they almost took out astralis and took care of gambit.. its not a easy walk in the park facing that team.
NBA All Team.
steph curry kevin durant kawhi leonard lebron james demarcus cousins
$400 gaming build
You should wait for amd ryzen it's gonna kill intel. The new 1000$ i7 6900k cpu is on par with ryzen's 320$ cpu r1700 not turbo boosted and it also doesn't lag behind intel in single threading plus lo...