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Early NBA Predictions
clippers got the best defense and the best bench so it makes them extremely dangerous.. when it comes to rookies this is a super deep draft.. u got crazy players all over ( coby white , tyler herro , ...
stew is a na goat he took the pro circuit by storm after being kinda weak for 6 months but the amount of hate he was getting probably was worst then koosta.he blew up too fast the inet was jealous.rig...
ZywOo is currently #1 HLTV !!
I hope you don't break the MVP system by giving these f****** losers mvp again
Stewie so noob
Ty BR and NA for bringing emotion back into the game. U act like a bot u might end up playing like a bot.
TOP 3 Coaches
Adren #1
Stewie so noob
Ariel needs to pay respect to team NA getting raped like be shouldn't be allowed .. Haha I'm sure he rather play zywoo now
ENCE vs Liquid
Its gonna be 6 dream hack dallas counts
ENCE vs Liquid
6 in row baby we are witnessing greatness..
EU vs. NA is stupid
I always knew na had better skill just no teamplay its thx to the EU insults then the influx of BR in the scene made the youth smarting up just watch out now this might end up like cod lol..
Stewie cocky
Stew is the reason liquid is winning he has swagger something most of you guys lack its rubbing off on the others hence winning when they shouldn't the confident the gonna roll anyone this is the most...
NRG is not NA
eu people are so insecure i pity you people... stop feeling so inferior towards anything and anyone.
Cloud9 is good
i love these shit silvers acting like koosta isn't tier1 he is a amazing asset to c9 look at blast so far and he been a rock in ghost... he dropped the ball in liquid but it was a dysfunctional family
SK Gaming's new CS:GO Team.
coldzera suNny flusha kioShiMa smooya scary lineup that would be a force to be reckon with. if a org can pull this off ez top4
Vitality vs FURIA
vitality is over soon G2 is better.. vitality got no skill the like renegades level in major good run but ur shit skill wont make u top5 for long
Vitality vs FURIA
this has to be the shittiest top5 match i have ever encountered both teams will not be top5 by the end of the year its so sad. edit: sorry spoke to soon furia is out of top5 vitality is nxt in a mont...