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Phil Collins
he's real name is phillipe collignon
droppable utility?
on l4d for exemple, you can right click with stuff in hand to give it to a teammate thats way, if you grab it, you can't drop it, just give it to your teammate, can be interesting when T die after tim...
navi wasted spot
don't make major then, just give money to astralis
droppable utility?
people will buy nade, drop at spawn and after a contrl map, they came back to spawn to grab them maybe something like in l4d, you can give to someone, but not allowed to drop it
Give me your FaZe fixes
role in 2019 lul anyway, niko stop igl, he's not a here for that, they need a great IGL who can get a better adr than 40
Give me your FaZe fixes
-adren +fallen
the cool thing in this action he's the fact that its a do or die round but the quad kill are completly overated in my opinion the first is a classic wait kill, the last on he getting jump on the "jum...
Favorite Ak-47 skin?
fire serpent black laminate first class
the cold quad kill was cool cause it was a last forcebuy for matchpoint for the gtr ace, it just look like a random MM thing, they all miss, 1 by 1 for the neo ace, agree, this is a great play, it w...
1.6 players come here
as a coach maybe
flusha toxic
you're right, I don't care about french scene too its not because i'm french I will cheer for a french team, this patriotic shit are retard English boys can only cheer for casters, at least they all r...
flusha toxic
anyway, its his last game, nobody care about him
pls do not let henyG and sadokist cast grand final
he's casting alone on his personal twitch channel