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In cs 1.6 it was also almost one-sided map (of course in favor of ct). Only top teams g5, fnatic, sk, navi etc could lead an even game on the t side. Tier1 very often willingly started on the t side t...
[18+] brollan neo nazi??
and fish n chips
Your national hero?
Napoleon killed much more innocent people dude.
Polish language
I think that statistic count countries were russian is primary language., any other countries are in Total. But of course im not denying that number of russian speakers is really huge.
Polish language
If we talk about grammar german is really hard to learn
Polish language
For people in middle Europe German language is relevant af dude
Polish language
I know buddy, but You say that there is no big difference between russian and english native speakers :)
Polish language
Thats why im not judging German people. In fact i have many client in Germany and they are really kind. Of course, there are exceptions, but bad behavior does not have nationality, it's a matter of ra...
Polish language
https://www.vistawide.com/languages/top_30_languages.htm Russian native - 145mln; total - 255mln English native - 340mln; total - 510mln yeah, pretty much tha same :) Do not get me wrong, it's sti...
Polish language
dude, be realistic. Its like saying that Poland and Lithuania are powerful countries only because of Battle of Kircholm. Look at the present, not the past. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Ki...
Astralis vs Liquid
Insane half
Ruski are rich as f***.
Ruski are rich as f***.
Girl in gulag? Must be too skinny if u ask me Buddy
Ruski are rich as f***.
Lol, take care Buddy!
Ruski are rich as f***.
Kinda truth but...If you compare the financial resources e.g. for a holiday abroad, the facts are that the middle class from China can not afford the same as the middle class from the US.