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Joe Milller?
I think that he doesn't have time for CS:GO since his LoL schedule is tight. Also Riot is more professional in casting and you have big numbers of viewers.
RIP Counter-Strike
Same here, you just grown up. :)
xPeke smashes SK Gaming down: The greatest move ever! (IEM Katowice)
I was there in Katowice when this magic happened, was awesome. :)
learn programming
Thank you. ;)
learn programming
Give me some example please, If someone is good with math and algorithms he will work in... or as...? I don't pretty nothing about it. :/
Headsets for gaming/music
Creative Aurvana Live
Gathers cs 1.6
Public servers only!
xmas presents '12
It wont help, I don't to live anymore
Age for sex?
You need to use an opportunity when it comes to you!
xmas presents '12
Every year the same... nothing :(
Why deleted?
Everytime when I'm writing about something I'm trying to fit the rules but today I'm suprised as hell. I wanted to start some kind of overall look from my point of view to some topics but it's almost ...
Best browser game for time killing?
I've played Travian in 3.0 version and it was quite fun. I've won also 2 times. So you can check it also. :)
1. Friends. Death Note, Dexter, Prison Break, The Elementary.
Pasha biceps
hahaha :D
A POSSIBLE way to make the spirit of CS unified again, with cool look, but STILL CS. PLEASE READ IT :b
It sounds like a pretty nice idea but in my opinion it isn't about the spirit but about some generation who stopped playing. They just grown up... and we don't have storm wave of new players coming. I...