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Reason UK is so bad at cs and everything
4K used to play finals against NiP and tier1 teams back in 2001/2. But they never renewed teams with international level and i have no idea about their national scene.
CLG vs Miami Flamingos
Go Flamingos!!!!!
Brazil vs Argentina
worst stream server ever.
BigGods vs 2KILL
worst stream host ever, it gets stuck every 2 minutes.
SK.2003 vs HLO.Gävle
No, im the only one, cuz im a fucking legend. Like the story of the lil boy "destroyeah" from La Plata, Buenos Aires, the one who deagled 5 single headshots in a tournament, 1 bullet for each enemy, ...
SK.2003 vs HLO.Gävle
and that's because... ? i tought he still living in stockholm..
SK.2003 vs HLO.Gävle
where the fuck was HeatoN? He never appears on camera..
mTw vs gamed!de
lol, how much ping steel has on EU servers?
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#12 i think is a good game , u just have to play it at least 10 hours..
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There are also using the _se maps , like de_nuke_se where the blury and the FOG gets removed.. check it on youtube de_nuke_se , de_dust2_se and it goes..
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i also hope this link helps you with the configuration:
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I used to think just like you when i started playing CSGO, i never played CSS, i turned from 1.6 directly to CS:GO and started hating it.. but while i was playing it often, like 10 hours total , then ...
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi
#454 if u say that then u dont know anything about football man, Maradona was the greatest one, besides Messi who is even close to him nowadays? there's nobody with his skills, this guy literally won ...
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi
Guys, better start learning some football, Messi is great, CR7 is aslo good, but noone of them 2 compares to the greatest one...
Quiz: What is pita's fav footballer?
The only one that matters is Messi, every1 else is shitty, kthxbye.