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Stewie toxic cunt
Lmao, that was so toxic for the team. "Please don't talk to me" half way through the game, what a fucking joke.
ARG so bad
Defo overrate him since you're brazilian. Have you ever watched TAA play? His technical ability is some of the best in the world despite only being 20yo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZyxBBAz5OE
ARG so bad
Its only 1 game against shitty ARG calm down. Lmao.. I didn't see him doing all these crazy shit against Paraguay the other day or Venezuela.
Messi pussy
Kay then don't watch.
Brazil national team
Hahahaah idk what the fuck is going on with those players, they looked drained.
2019: Van Dijk (Netherlands)
Without a doubt, Kane got pocked for 2nd time in 7 days.
Nations League
Stones 50mil LMAOOOO, biggest scam. What a fucking braindead of a footballer.
What emotions? Lmao
football team of the season
Decide games? He has double digit stats for assist as a left back. Difference between Milner & Robertson at left back is like night and day.
football team of the season
Robertson never had a below 7 performance all season. Consistent & solid.
football team of the season
Alba lmao, costed 2 goals against liverpool. Was at fault for 1st valencia goal in the final. Choke when it matters the most.
Yup, the woman should be jailed. Just because a guy doesnt want to see you after a one night stand or any other time, does not mean you have been raped.
Anthony joshua
He got rekt
Jurgen Klopp
Nt, baldiola chequebook manager. Can't even beat Spurs who spent $0 all summer. What a shit manager lmao! I heard he's still celebrating that offside goal with Sterling? LMAOOO BTW Red star 1 UCL tit...