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s1mple is stupid
Zeus isn't an ex-Source player lol, he's been playing in NA`VI since the day they announced NA`VI cs 1.6 lineup and then csgo..
m0e's drawing
not bad
Cologne no nametags
No it's not advertising anything, you are right but c'mon you really think that's a solid nametag? no way
Cologne no nametags
Just because Zeus had a nametag on his karambit "Nigger killer v2" which is fcked up, but you can't expect much from Ukrainians/Russians
NHL Draft Stream
np dude!
NHL Draft Stream
n0thing but headshots
agree, fun to watch him play! just like the good old days
Drops Broken
i have gotten 2 drops (1cobble & 1cache)
yeah but that's mOE, he likes to get on someone's nerves that's just part of his game, he's not showing them middle finger when they are outside of the game trust me and i don't saw him doing that on ...
every team needs that guy who motivates them and u just salty cuz brasil lost to a mixteam haha
m9 crimson web MW
no problem, here is another one for 190k - there are alot of options, just check the best fv an...
m9 crimson web MW
200keys is enough to get a decent MW one.. chech this -
1v1 arena maps problem
but you can still see the maps there..
1v1 arena maps problem there u go
device vac
take adderall