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best lineup ever?
Greatest lineup in the CS history at least for me is between these two teams: SK Gaming [HeatoN, SpawN, fisker, element, potti] Na'Vi [markeloff, Edward, Zeus, ceh9, starix]
Pita case in a nutshell
Gotta love the community which hunt.... What happened to being innocent until proven guilty, do you have any proof whatsoever that he stole or embezzled the money, or are you just tarnishing someones ...
SAW IT HERE FIRST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJOOdTaX6_o&feature=youtu.be
Availer Fragshow
Availer best!:)
NBK's Name
You sir just solved the mystery of the universe. Congratulations.
E-Frag.net caster = anti-semite?
I've said my peace, you proved nothing yet again.
E-Frag.net caster = anti-semite?
Your dodging again, "i dont want to link anything from that website" = i have no idea what im talking about, Stormfront has nothing to do with his thumbnail. Again you have 0 proof of anything and you...
E-Frag.net caster = anti-semite?
Then why did you point out that white-pride thing?As for the website you've taken it out of context PROVE to me and everyone else that that webpage is smearing jews and i'll eat my words.
E-Frag.net caster = anti-semite?
HLTV.org should delete this thread, why you ask, some random guy shows up and starts besmirching the reputation of an organisation that has been trying to do so much for the Balkan CSGO scene, some ha...
Left 4 Dead free
ty valve <3
Actually norways women national handball team just lost to Serbia in 1/4 finals of world championship in Belgrade. Try smth else.
Nico or Guardian?
omg you dont know who is juricM omg
Belgrade Gaming Festival 2013 - CS:GO Tournament
Russian stream: http://www.twitch.tv/gsstudio_csgo GOTV : Server1: hltv1.verygames.net:27055 Server2: hltv1.verygames.net:27056 Server3: hltv1.verygames.net:27057 Server4: hltv1.very...
nEGRo vs Norway
because hes surname is "Negrojevic"
Emantha organization "CS:GO" team