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Alcohol is degenerate
I have voices in my head
Then you'll be alright.
I have voices in my head
It's all good. It's only bad if you lose discussions to em'.
Hahah, i see. Just heard before. And it's bullshit.
Guardian is a respected news source, why you think it's bad? Bc of the meme's
depressed about Uni
Sure lonewolf.
Girl at the Wedding
No men are placed here, by god, for women to enjoy and for making babies.
Girl at the Wedding
Easy to find her information, just ask for guest list. Dont bang your cousin tho.
depressed about Uni
He's just being racist
depressed about Uni
What?? 18-20y.o Dunno what they wanna do in 10 years. Our system depends on people to sweep thru the school system so they can pay back to society. How far and long are you in this increasing knowle...
Best polical system?
Some rework of Technocracy. Also, we need more power to the people yet not everybody should be allowed to vote. Only 30% approx. If you wanna be able to vote, you need to prove you have thought capa...
mum just kicked me out of house
Contract social service. Your mum is in deep trouble.
making money through the internet
Drop shipping Vlogs Streaming (games) Freelance journalist/revisor Sell drugs/guns Author
Talk to your parents. All they wanna do is help you, you are not alone. You are from France? I bet my hat that they offer some sort of research - free of charge - threatment. (it's for research, that...
Nothings wrong with that phrase. He simply just doesnt specify which country in NA that is the best.