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In office ask me anything (18+)
Which countrymen are u trying to scam today?
Turkey relevant?
10 years old`?
Turkey relevant?
So is Serbia
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Was recommended..
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Pray for Ypg-Pkk! [+18]
LOL. How is this similar to Serbia. Do u even know what Serbia did to Bosnians and Kosovo-Albanians???
Pray for Ypg-Pkk! [+18]
I know. They even admitted it themselves. But these idiots can't grasp the whole truth. So u have to baby spoon them 1 word at a time to make them understand.
Pray for Ypg-Pkk! [+18]
- PKK a terrorist group ( as identifited even by US & EU) works with US to.. kill the other Terrorist group ISIS. - Turkey: Wants to safen their border and get rid of this group. - EU/NAs: BUT THEY HE...
Pray for Ypg-Pkk! [+18]
Busy scrolling CNN for fact-check I guess
turkey hate in reddit
Coming from Latvia???????????
Muslims I have a question
First comment of the day? Time to rest again after moving ur hotdog-fingers?
^ This is the truth without even 30 min research. Everything adds up.
Chinese (Mainlander) come here
https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/08/inside-chinas-re-education-camps-women-raped-sterilised-10879874/ https://www.activistpost.com/2019/10/chinese-citizens-will-be-required-to-scan-their-faces-to-use-the-i...
Europeans, come here
China is doing it already or have u been living under a rock?
is this the best era of pro cs ever?
Everyteam is dogshit and the level has stagnated because this game doesn't require more skill than GE and it's RNG based 1/3rd of the time.